Jenna Jameson on Tito Ortiz Incident: It's Just So Hard to Trust Anyone

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Jenna Jameson is speaking out about the incident with her partner Tito Ortiz, and while she often defends him, her version of events is remarkably candid. 

In an emotional chat with Us Weekly about the fight that led to Tito Ortiz's arrest on suspicion of domestic abuse, she vehemently denies he's a wife-beater.

However ...

Jenna says their argument was rooted in a conversation the night before over something "very personal" and "sexual" that "every couple goes through."

She did not elaborate, but said Tito went to bed dead silent, then in the morning, accused her of being "high" on pills. "I'm not on drugs!" she declared.

He didn't believe her and stormed out.

Jenna Jameson at MTV VMAs

"I was standing in the bathroom - naked, by the way - and he said, 'It's over!' grabbed my arm and pushed me aside," she recalls, trying to stop him.

She took and passed a drug test the next day.

Jameson, who has 13-month-old twin boys with Ortiz, has declined to cooperate with a police investigation and the two have apparently reconciled.

Still, she notes that her children are her only priority, and will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if that means losing a relationship with Tito.

"It's just so hard to trust ... anybody in my life," she laments.

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she said her and tito were americas sweethearts. seriously? she will never have a title like that simply because shes an ex-porn star. she will always be looked down upon by mainsream hollywood. always. thats just the way it is. but damn, how can you not feel for jenna when shes crying like that? my heart goes out to her. im glad her and tito are working it out, but i hope he learned his lesson. tito is a professional fighter-hes lucky he didnt REALLY hurt jenna!


"she notes that her children are her only priority, and will do whatever it takes to protect them". Can she protect them from herself?! "It's just so hard to trust ... anybody in my life," she laments. lol. Look who is talking about TRUST!!! WTF!!!!


She almost had me in tears but then I laughed when she said "we were America's couple". In what universe, lady?


America's couple? I thought Elin/Tiger were. Oh no, wait, maybe that was Sandra/Jesse.