Jason Trawick: Fired as Britney Spears' Agent, Retained as Britney Spears Plaything

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Mixing business with pleasure rarely works. For Britney Spears, it was just a question of which aspect of her relationship with Jason Trawick to cut out of her life.

She decided to part ways with him ... professionally, that is.

Jason Trawick remains Britney's boyfriend despite the end their professional partnership, a rep for the pop superstar confirmed to E! News yesterday.

Romance is a big reason for the severed agent partnership.

The two will "focus on their personal relationship." Aww ...

Britney, Jason Picture

Britney Spears is still so happy with Jason Trawick personally, as you can see. Well, actually she looks pretty miserable, but we'll assume they're happy if she says so.

The sometimes-off, sometimes-on duo have been dating for more than a year, with Trawick, who works for William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, commandeering Britney's romantic interests around March 2009. He repped her long before that.

Britney was just setting off on her Circus tour at the time.

We're happy they are working it out, or are at least making the effort. No doubt Jason has been good for Britney ... he's no Adnan Ghalib, but no one's perfect.

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