Jason Pfeiffer Alleges Gay Affair with Michael Jackson; Dr. Arnold Klein Backs Him Up

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Jason Pfeiffer, a former dermatologist's assistant and current CEO of a medical company, tells Extra that he had an affair with the late Michael Jackson.

Moreover, he was his boyfriend right up until the King of Pop died.

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Pfeiffer claims he had a very "passionate and sexual" relationship with Jackson, and has kept several messages that the music superstar left for him.

"We definitely hit it off the first time we met," Pfeiffer says, claiming they met in 2008 at the office of Jackson's famed dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein.

Klein is a longtime friend of Jackson's and, as you may know, is rumored to be the biological father of the singer's two older children, Prince and Paris.

In any case, Dr. Klein backs up Pfeiffer's account, saying that he knew Jackson and Pfeiffer were together when he once walked in on them shirtless.

Jason Pfeiffer: Dr. Arnold Klein's former office manager.

"When you see two people looking at each other you know what's happening. I was just very happy for both of them," Arnold Klein said of the discovery.

Pfeiffer says he and Jackson connected because of their childhoods.

"We were just sitting there and we both started to cry and I got up and went over to him and said it's going to be okay Michael... We hugged," he says.

"It was kind of then that the hug was a little bit more ... It wasn't until a few months later that it was obvious that Michael had feelings for me as well."

Their friendship soon blossomed into something more, according to Pfeiffer, even though Jackson emphatically denied throughout life that he was gay.

"I just assumed that he was probably bisexual," Pfeiffer says, claiming their relationship lasted until the day Jackson died. "I know we loved each other."

"I know he told me all the time. I believe he was probably my soulmate."

So why come forward now?

"Setting the record straight and finally telling the truth, as opposed to hiding in some house ... I think he would have approved of that, yes."

As for Klein, he does not believe he betrayed Jackson because he says Jackson never tried to hide his sexuality ... even though it appears clear to pretty much everyone that he went to extreme lengths to hide his sexuality.

Klein told TMZ, "Was he gay? Yes." He then went on to say his declaration was not meant to disparage Jackson, but to shoot down rumors that Jackson was a pedophile. Klein says Pfeiffer's gay affair was the only one he knows of.

Pfeiffer adds, "Michael was not ashamed of his sexuality."

Klein and Pfeiffer say they have received numerous "horrible death threats" since their statements became public. Both currently have bodyguards.

Michael Jackson and Dr. Arnold Klein.

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michael jackson rest in peace . you should just take it as a big compliment.these people are still so obsessed with you they just can't seem to let you go. baby boy you are in heaven now and you don't have to hear all of this ridiculous stuff.you were the greatest performer that ever lived. we will love you forever baby boy.


mudrake - Re gay - "Will Smith, John Travolta" Now there's something I'd like to see substantiation about, seeing both men have wives and families, and Smith's wife is the type who wouldn't put up with such crap. God bless. RB


Truthfully, I don't care if he was gay or not, but I do care that this tub of lard is pedaling this junk about a dead man who has young children who might see the magazine sitting on a shelf. People are so uncivilized these days. The guy is dead, who cares. God bless. RB


do you think michael and arnie wore the same size coat .....lol


Who the fuck do these money grabbing swines think they are! you damn well know they wouldn't dare say crap like this if he was alive! now Mj's not here to pay their wages, they need some quick and big cash! do you honestly think michael would sleep with a fat ugly bastard like him? me thinks not! that "doctor" is too dodgy and looks like he'd steal the gold teeth from your mouth if you were dead!! i personally don't care (okay i do a bit) if michael did like men, 'cause it's pretty obvious he liked the ladies but was petrified of them at the same time, we have to remember he was surrounded by crazy women fans since he was real little! he was a very coy vunerable human being and people are taking advantage of that! even in death! i hope those two get cat aids and everyone else who comes out saying shit and false stories about him! let the poor bloke rest in peace you MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!


Michael Jackson was mysterious and hard to understand, a musically gifted person who had a difficult and lonely childhood. He was very private, and would likely feel violated and disturbed by this kind of gossip, spun out for notoriety or $$$ by two slimy individuals when Michael is no longer here to respond. I've never believed Michael's sexual preference was adult males, and that's all I'm going to say on that subject. Let him rest in peace!


This is how I truly feel about this. I don't know if Michael was gay. But what I always have hated is when someone would suppose to reveal something about someone who can't respond back to what they have said. Michael can not say this is true or this is not true, Why? Because he is dead!!! And as far as this Dr. Klien goes, I never trusted him in the first place. All he did was dope Michael up with pain medicine. Experiment on Michael. This is the same man who claim to care about Michael's kids, Paris and Prince, then sit on tv and tell the world that they were his kids. Now tell me what kind of man would do that to those kids? After all they were going through. If it was true, you handle these kind of things the right way so those kids wouldn't be hurt anymore. What took Jason so long to come out? How much do he want? I will not waste my time with more mess like this. I intend to let Michael finally rest in peace.


when all these things do come out and are truely answered.and all the lawsuits are done and the past cought up and answered. then what the media wont have anything else to say.that will be a hoot.now i understand why michael had so many people lie about him because he was so loving and trusted to many people.once these people come out and we debunk them they have nothing left to say.i am alot like michael to trust worthly and now i am more careful after michael showed me the way.i love the things he does and wished i meat him early,but i love him and think he is the best in the world and god bless him for helping our children and our planet and giving us the music and talent that he gave.i have a hard time w/words but you are the best and we love you more.

@ maureen

When you are the best, all sorts of people try to hop on and grab your shine. Your money too. Michael was never prepared for the loneliness that being the best brings.


doctors are supose to keep there big mouth shut and he isnt a friend of michaels,he is no better then the other people went agaist michael.true freinds dont talk.i will bet that jason is arnold boyfriend.he looks gay.does it really matter if michael was or wasnt gay?that is his privite life.these things should kept privite.michael has gone thriugh enough in his life time,he doent deserve this crap.friends and others leave this man alone and tell us about the good things michael did.not everyone wants to know the bad.i dont want to know what his penis looks like or any other privite parts.i want the truth and what he did that was good in life.if he wanted kids that way so what,he had his true reasons,everyone does what they feel is right for them.everyone loves you michael and your fans are behide you in what ever you do.love you more.it looks like though to leave michael alone the answers will have to be said,or people are going to keep lieing.


Michael Jackson was all man!!! Nothing Gay about him at all no son of Papa Joe Jackson is Gay!!!. MJ is the sexiest Jackson! I have watched him salivating over Beyonce and other women, smacking Women's bottoms with sexy precision. His dance moves simulate making love to a woman, the thrust of his hips, the pouting of the lips and the grabbing of the crotch represents a man who enjoys making love. Sorry Jason, you are talking about a man who loved the Honey Pot and not the rectum ciao!

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