Janet Jackson's New Short Hair: Shear Madness!

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Janet Jackson just celebrated her 44th birthday, and decided to turn over a new leaf in the form of a chic, much shorter hairstyle in London on Wednesday.

The sister of the late Michael Jackson, who is currently single, has been largely out of the limelight in what has been an emotional last 11 months for her.

We're kinda digging the new hairstyle, despite (or maybe because of) the fact that it marks such a dramatic shift from the gorgeous singer's normal look.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Vote below ...

New Janet Jackson Hair

Janet Jackson's new shorter hair. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

What do you think of Janet's new 'do? Vote below!


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member when she cut her hair like this in1996.still looks good but i love damita jo look and great cd wish she advertised it more


Im spanish but i have to say janet is a true beauty,she is beautiful and natural the best women ever. She look just like Michael and we all love Michael janet looks beautiful anyway she do her hair...


Kia, you did well explaining to Haley. She is a waste of time if you ask me. Haley is most likely fat and ugly with a smelly white fish. Haley makes me laugh because she sounds like one of those white chic that can't understand why black women look good bald or not. You can almost hear the anger and insult in Haley's voice. She wanted to make sure she got folks upset. But hey Haley, sister like Kia is kind enough to respond.. As for me, I am laughing because you remind me of too many white chic I meet everyday that hate Black women for their beauty. Final question Haley, were you married to a white guy who left you after trying a sister with sweet apples? Did he look you in the face and say "I am leaving. I am tired of smelly fish. I met a woman with very clean 'roses'who shower more than once a week, and she's black.' I am never torturing myself with white smelly fish again! Oh yes black is beautiful Haley, especially when it does not rub off.


Janet's mom has a dead full of hair. Her 1st album cover she had her own hair. On Good times and Different strokes she wore her own hair. What is the big deal with her being bald headed or not. That chick can rock anything


HALEY DEAR, not all black women have the same hair texture. not all of us have fake hair. We wear fake stuff because we can not wake up, wash our hair, dry our hair, curl our hair and style our hair in the same 30 minutes u can. It takes us 2 hours tops. so the convenience of wearing fake hair be it kinky, yaky, straight, permed, waved, rodded, twisted, braided, etc. is just that convenient. It is not white hair that we wear but actually Indian from India and Asian hair.. White chicks don't have enough brunettes for our supply. Next time educate yourself before making a comment please. What does a natural black woman look like. How many of us have u actually seen in person.


Remember the old adage: hair today, gone tomorrow.
Janet gets the choice of changing her mane like the rest of us.
During this difficult phrase in her life, if changing her hair offer a sense of relief, to make her feel better,I applaud her decision.


love it ,to Haley and the other ignorant people on here,some people who wear weaves have hair,she may have cut her real hair for a change,or she was tired of the weaves.Janet had hair you ignorant b*tch Haley


This is for Hayley and the other negative comments. You people are just pure ignorant. I wear lots of weaves due to the convenience etc and also to give my hair a break. I too have opted for short hair at present and I have good dam hair. You Hayley your just a hater. Janet Jackson is a beautiful black woman, you people are just shear ignorant. Also, white people have now started wearing weaves, so go xxxk yourself you ignorant cow.


Haley, you're a stupid bitch who hates on blacks because we are beautiful with or without hair! Yet you all live for the summer just to be our color! What up wit that? Leave my girl alone because as you can see she sizzlin hot!Stop hatin!


Why can't people just let people be whom ever they want to be, Celebrities are people to and also need to be left alone, what ever she does is her business and should be left that way find, something else to do with your lives and get right with God, he doesn't see you for your hair , skin, or beauty he sees you for who you are and accepst you for that, Janet be what ever makes you happy and do what you do girl.

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