Jaime Bergman May Sue David Boreanaz Mistress; Actor Accuses Gloria Allred of Extortion

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Earlier today, married Bones star David Boreanaz admitted having an affair with an unnamed woman who he claims was trying to extort him for money.

Now, his wife Jamie Bergman may sue the woman he had affair with. As a Utah resident, she has grounds to file a lawsuit for "alienation of affection."

David Boreanaz, Jaime Bergman

Really. Jamie believes the chick - who TMZ reports is NOT Rachel Uchitel, who Boreanaz also slept with - intended to breakup her marriage, it's so on.

The David Boreanaz affair came to light after his former mistress contacted an attorney and threatened to go to various media outlets with her story.

Naturally, that attorney was Gloria Allred.

Boreanaz says he refused to cough up the money she wanted so he, took the David Letterman route, outed himself and now accuses Allred of extortion.

Does Jaime Bergman have a case against David Boreanaz's mistress?

Allred who also reps Uchitel and helped the most notorious of the many Tiger Woods mistresses negotiate a mammoth settlement, denies any wrongdoing on her part and puts the blame for his actions squarely on Boreanaz.

Gloria claims David's lawyer, Marty Singer, tried contacting the mistress and only then did she get involved - and says she may have other "legal claims."

Singer responded that Allred's claim is only that Boreanaz had promised the mistress that she was "exclusive" ... even though she knew he was married.

The woman had a very short-term liaison with Boreanaz - 2-3 times - after which he paid her money but she allegedly kept demanding more and more.

Singer says on April 23, the woman left a threatening message that she had not gotten enough coin and was going public. On Monday, he says he got a call from Allred, who said woman was looking to get paid at least six figures.

She then threatened to go public unless David upped the ante, Singer says, so Boreanaz told the story publicly Monday. But Allred is ready to fight back:

"My client has not told her story, but now that Mr. Boreanaz is attacking her she has decided to tell the story of the relationship. The truth will come out."

The plot thickens! Stay tuned ...


Warning: can't tell a short story !! Love David B. As a 47 yrold. Woman. Very married(happy) I can only imagine the temptation/etc. But .... Still no excuse to cheat. This coming from a woman who would jump him in a IHOP after 10am church service!! ( wheee!!) Some Lawyers have college loans to pay off , then there are snakes. And sleezebags that give snakes a bad name.. I live in south Fl , we know a big snake (hopefully before) when we see/hear it.


Curious, yes - at the time this all happened, Jaime was living in Utah and David was living in L.A. She grew up in Utah, so she is a resident there and they have a house in Park City. Therefore, she is able to sue the mistress(es) for alienation of affection. But, I agree with you about how the one she should really be angry at is him, not the other woman. I also think she's staying with him for money and I think he's staying, because he doesn't want to lose his cash or his kids. Big fan of his here and nothing against his wife, but none of this really surprised me.


"As a Utah resident, she has grounds to file a lawsuit for "alienation of affection."" I am confused but don't they live in L.A.??? I mean if she lives in Utah and he lives in L.A. then these girls were not the root of there problems in my opinion. Also It does take two. As someone who HAS been cheated on by a husband with multiple women ( and yes we are divorced my doing)why is it always the women who are blamed. The man is just as guilty. With that being said the fact that SHE is sueing these women just furthers my belief that she is staying with him for money....why else prolong the drama through lawsuits???


Gloria, you are a bottom fisher and ambulance chaser. All these problems would not ruin families and not be big if you did not advise the tramps to sue so that they and you could earn big bucks. It is not all about women's rights, only money. Go away and enjoy retirement. How many families have you destroyed by persuing the rights of these "women"?


Gloria, nobody cares. We are sick of you and all your sleazy clients.


Gloria, your a lawyer for tramps!! As a woman, how to you represent tarts who sleep with married men who have young children who then blackmail them for $$$ Sounds like they are just prostitutes who want money. I hope David and his wife are able to deal with this and save their marriage. At least he came clean and because of this he actually has a chance. I wish the couple and their children all the best and hope for a future.

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