Heidi Montag Has NO FRIENDS

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Yup. No friends. Those are her own words. CAPS LOCK and all. Heidi Montag channeled her inner Kanye today in a Twitter rampage against peeps masquerading as such.

Specifically, "the ones who are pretending to be 'friends' or 'family,' [who are] are crazy, angry, broke, and bitter." This is why "they haven't been in my life for years!"

Two Dumbasses

The fired-up Tweets came just a week after an emotional episode of The Hills where Montag told Kristin Cavallari her life was "really hard" without friends and family.

Hey, at least she has Spencer Pratt ... if that's even a positive thing. It's probably the biggest reason why SHE HAS NO FRIENDS when you stop and think about it.

Besides, there must be someone out there she can talk to. Come on, Heidi. Keep your fake chin up. We highly doubt your Twitter and Facebook followers total zero.

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HEIDI MONTAG EATS IT: Whether it's any consolation, we can't say. But if nothing else, you know ice cream won't betray you. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]


Plastic Spastic, that is what she is, she has caused all this herself. Now crying she has no freinds, look how she has treated them. Would any of you want to be friends with that. Not me.
I use to follow her on Twitter, but her praising God, was to much, I hate people who claim to be christian, and act like, well her. She is not praying to my God, cause my God, would not want her to act and do the things she does. Hypocrite. Go to a real church, put the crystals down. I love crystals, i have them in my garden, I dont pray to them. There is another part of blasfamy sorry spelling, worshiping false Gods. But hey what do you expect coming from a false woman! I am so sick of her, and wouldnt care if she disappeared off the face of the earth. Plastic spastic fake!


yall leave that girl alone


Darrin's comment cracks me up. I love it!


You're all being so cruel - the young lady is just showing us how to perform a blowjob using the prop that is closest to hand.


Fake, she's all fake.


I'll be her friend to all three of them


I just can't believe how much she changed in season 1 she was the one who was surrounded with friends and always going out having fun acting all goofy!! Look how poorly she's doing now stuck with a crazy person 24h/24h


Since when was this breaking news?...I thought everyone knew about this? :p, Heidi's a high class idiotic bimbo..Spencer's a fuckin douchebag to the extreme, both total flaming FAME WHORES, and I wont feel sad if they both die in the face of the earth


Yeah Spencer has lost his mind!! Watch he'll be the guy who snaps and kills his wife and Heidi will be too stupid to realize whats going on.


she's been pimped and still doesnt get it yet.

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