Happy Birthday, Megan Fox!

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Megan Fox is hot. Today is her 24th birthday.

Little else needs to be said, to be quiet honest.

She's been in a bunch of movies, some of them quite successful (and Transformers 3 should be another smash). But that's not why you're here. We'll shut up now.

Not that Megan Fox ever shuts up. She's as prone to ridiculous quotes as she is hot. Then again, that always gives us excuses to post more Megan Fox pictures.

No complaints. Here's a birthday tribute to the actress ...

  • Hot Megan Fox Picture
  • Megan Fox Under an Umbrella
  • A Fox Picture
  • Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Photo
  • Megan Fox, Tattoo Photo
  • Megan Fox Nude

Also celebrating birthdays today? Tori Spelling, Janet Jackson, Pierce Brosnan and David Boreanaz! Leave comments for the birthday girls (and guys) below.

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Hi, Wish U A very Happy Birthday.........


Happy Birthday Megan Fox


My birthday is today, June 4th. All the cool people are born on June 4th. Love to you all!


Im so happy for Megan Fox. I'm proud of her so proud. I wish that i was dating her. Im going to L.A. to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and be in the wwe, act in hollywood, and have my own business too. When Megan falls in love with me it'll be like a Lamar Odom thing w/ Khloe Kardashian but will know each other for me than 30days. Megan I'll be there one day. I'm sad that you left Transformers 3 and the franchise but I know that you did the best thing for yourself. I'm crying you and Shia work well but maybe it's for the best.


that you not only will have children of your owen you also be a great actress some day and all those people who said you where a bad actress will get it right back in there faces which is still the day i look forward to take care of your self megan and Most of all take care of your family they are the most important of all in everybodeys life so dont push them away. happy 24th birthday megan love from your fan chris bye.


Happy birthday Megan! And many more. Hope you have fun. Alexander


Her boobs look wonky... must be the implants!