Happy Birthday, George Clooney!

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It's the age-old question: What do you get a man that has everything?

Perfect case in point: George Clooney.

The actor is immensely popular, cool and rich. He's dating a gorgeous model named Elisabetta Canalis. She's very pretty and has been dating Clooney since July 2009.

So, what can we do for the star, who turns 49 today?

Simply wish him happiness and good health. We can also ask readers to submit their best wishes, along with thoughts on what you'd do to Clooney if ever alone in a room with him. Just try to keep them safe for work...

Dapper George
Pic of George Clooney
Gorgeous George
On the Red Carpet

Happy Birthday, George! Have a great day! :)


Happy Belated Birthday to a talented actor, director and more importantly a nice, nice man, Please continue your efforts to help Darfur. I wish you continued success,good health and happiness.


Belated Happy B'day George Clooney!!!


George is a very handsome man! Happy Birthday!hot hot hot & Charming!


hi george! happy birthday to you! i wish you all the best and remember you will be 50 years next year ...bye almost 50 (-: Love from Fran ( Germany )byeee


Happy birthday Mr.Almost Perfect. Hope you find Ms.Right. Don't waste time hang out with Ms. Wrong. Money can buy love, never can buy happiness.


hi george.men azerbaycanliyam.ve seni delicesine cox sevirem.sen menim heyatimsan.ad gunun mubarek.xosbext olasan.insallah bir gun seni yaxindan gormek mene nesb olar.sen menim xeyallarimdaki insansan.seni ve dinimi sevirem.


Birthday Wishes George, You are multi-talented and have been smiled upon with prosperity.
and abundance.With a wealth of friends,and an aura of mystery ,continue to enjoy and share your blessings.
Thanks you for your contributions in helping with recent relief and humanitarian efforts.


happy birthday george


Hay, Happy birthday George

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I am the sexiest man of peace.

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