Happy 24th Birthday, Robert Pattinson!

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Forget New Year's Eve, college graduation, or, heck, even Flag Day.

Today is the most momentous occasion of 2010 for millions of Twilight Saga fans around the world. That's because Robert Pattinson turns 24. Cue screams in 3...2...1...

After laying low for a few months, filming a new movie and remaining out of the spotlight where he's most comfortable, Pattinson will be featured on numerous magazine covers and talk shows over the next few weeks, promoting Eclipse.

It's already started: check out Robert's spread in South Africa's GQ and tune in today to The Oprah Winfrey Show, where he, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will sit down with the host.

A Handsome Gaze

We know one thing Stewart did NOT get Pattinson for his birthday: a baby.

As for his adoring fans, Rob isn't the kind of guy that focuses on the material world. He'd probably just accept a hug, or, if you're not in his immediate vicinity, birthday wishes that THG will be sure to pass along.

Send them in now and then ogle this montage...

At Home, on the Red Carpet
A Goofball
Signing Star
Run, Rob!
Vogue Photo



Привет Pоб поздравл�ю теб� � днем рождени�))))) да � понимаю он был давно но в�е же лучше поздно чем никогда, желаю тебе у�пехов как в личной жизни так и на работе здоровь� �ча�ть� и любви ты кла��ный о�товай�� в�егда таким.


JUST ME:) Thanks again. I will take your advice.... It is very nice to know 'your'e not alone'. If you think of anything else, you know where I am! :)


Donna, you're welcome! you should do some research, go to his most visited and known fansites, there are so much fun in there. it won't take much time to find out what is especially interesting for you and where you feel like at home :)


happybirthday love you


Geez, I thought he was in his mid to late 30s. He looks awful for 24.


happy belated birthday X)


he doesn't even read this shit, get over it biatches....he is out of your each hah


Donna, every word is true, he made our life better in so many ways. i wish he realized that.


Happy Birthday Rob! i hope you know how much we love your movies, your music, you unusual and soulful voice, everything about you, 'cuze it's You, not Edward, you do know that, right?
i wish you and your family health and long life.
G-d bless you! i just said "you" ten times..what can i say..love you! just me


Dear God, you sad little people.

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