Greyson Chance: The Next Justin Bieber?

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Or would the next Lady Gaga be more accurate?

At his school's talent show this week, then-unknown Greyson Chance took to the piano and performed an amazing, dead-on rendition of Gaga's hit "Paparazzi."

Age: 12. Number of YouTube views: 14,669,491.

So who is this new 'tween phenom with a story – and haircut – to rival that of Justin Bieber? For one, he's an Edmond, Okla., resident, songwriter and pianist.

On Thursday, Greyson Chance told Ellen DeGeneres that he's "never taken a voice lesson," though you wouldn't know it. Kid sure has an innate feel for music.

Despite the immediate, and obvious comparisons to Justin Bieber, he cites Gaga as his main influence: "She's probably my number one inspiration," he said.

So moving was his "Paparazzi" cover that Lady Gaga herself called into the Ellen show to congratulate him. "Be focused," she said, and "stay away from girls."

Calling the singer "Miss Gaga" as he blushed, Chance may not have a choice in that regard. Here's his YouTube sensation rendition of the star's #1 song ...


i hope this guy get more succesful than justin bitcher. i fed up of watching his gay ass everywhere.
greyson voice´s is powerful and justin´s voice is so girly.
the worst is his fans say hes gonna be the next JTimberlake. give me a breath guys, he cant even dance!!!!!!!
as fas as i see, the only thing matters is that justin is cute


No way he iz da next JBieber, JB is a better singer no matter wut all da haters say if he sings like a girl. Chance duz sing like Lady GaGa but Gaga still beats him sorry but no 1 cant take Justin Biebers fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


there is no possible way he is going be the next jb no offense


hi is the best i love him


his gonna be a a hard one for JB to beat


he is not good as jb.




im sorry but no one can be the next justin bieber, he can be the next "thing" (yeah right), but no one can replace my man JB, by the way, if your reading this justin, I LOVE YOU AND PLEASE BRING YOUR TOUR TO D.C.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO SEE YOU IN CONCERT.... PLEASE


what a great voice! for age 12, amazing


He is really talented and better than Justin Bieber.

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