Greyson Chance: The Next Justin Bieber?

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Or would the next Lady Gaga be more accurate?

At his school's talent show this week, then-unknown Greyson Chance took to the piano and performed an amazing, dead-on rendition of Gaga's hit "Paparazzi."

Age: 12. Number of YouTube views: 14,669,491.

So who is this new 'tween phenom with a story – and haircut – to rival that of Justin Bieber? For one, he's an Edmond, Okla., resident, songwriter and pianist.

On Thursday, Greyson Chance told Ellen DeGeneres that he's "never taken a voice lesson," though you wouldn't know it. Kid sure has an innate feel for music.

Despite the immediate, and obvious comparisons to Justin Bieber, he cites Gaga as his main influence: "She's probably my number one inspiration," he said.

So moving was his "Paparazzi" cover that Lady Gaga herself called into the Ellen show to congratulate him. "Be focused," she said, and "stay away from girls."

Calling the singer "Miss Gaga" as he blushed, Chance may not have a choice in that regard. Here's his YouTube sensation rendition of the star's #1 song ...


Wow i really l ike Justin bieber im a fan of him but this boy ot voice and i might jus transfer... He actually yrs old and not yr old looking 12. Sry JB had to hit on that its ok i look too and im almost 17! Greyson is really good and w/o voice lessons too!Amazing!


Justin Bieber is better (sorry for who doesn't agree with me). But, he's good too. But, seriously, I prefer JUSTIN than him!:D


This kid is an AMAZING singer! People are right, everyone should stop comparing him to Justin Bieber, and let him have his own life, but even so, he blows Bieber away by FAR. If anything, Greyson should be no. 1, not a boy who can't sing to save his life.


Justin Bieber is still better >> but the Greyson kid is still good - i just think if he does go into music business .... they'll (JB and the otha kid) be in different genres of music .... btw I LOVE JUSTIN


Justin Bieber Is Better Then Greyson Justin Bieber Is Better Than Him , JB Can Sing Better Than Him , Greyson is a 12 Year Old Kid , But Come One , No One And I Mean No One Can Beat JB xxx Love Ya Justin Bieber


This kid is MUCH better than Bieber. Not only can he actually sing, but he also looks like a guy and sounds like one too. At only 12 years old. The only thing that annoys me is the hair flick. He has to ditch that. It looks like he's having a spaz attack


I'M Canadian and I am not proud of Usher pimping JB when he can't sing. Put a pretty troll out there and all the tween girls would go mad,what a shame he will go the way of the 15 minute wonders. I can't understand his mother allowing such nonsence.


i agree that people should stop comparing him to bieber...he's most likely to become more like lady gaga that justin bieber...i mean c'mon, his voice is so gaga....and BTW JB is not only face and hair...he's very talented.. the person who said that is so fuckin' jealous....hahaha...


justin biebere is way way way bettere then him hee sux!!so sont say tht!!!


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