Greyson Chance: The Next Justin Bieber?

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Or would the next Lady Gaga be more accurate?

At his school's talent show this week, then-unknown Greyson Chance took to the piano and performed an amazing, dead-on rendition of Gaga's hit "Paparazzi."

Age: 12. Number of YouTube views: 14,669,491.

So who is this new 'tween phenom with a story – and haircut – to rival that of Justin Bieber? For one, he's an Edmond, Okla., resident, songwriter and pianist.

On Thursday, Greyson Chance told Ellen DeGeneres that he's "never taken a voice lesson," though you wouldn't know it. Kid sure has an innate feel for music.

Despite the immediate, and obvious comparisons to Justin Bieber, he cites Gaga as his main influence: "She's probably my number one inspiration," he said.

So moving was his "Paparazzi" cover that Lady Gaga herself called into the Ellen show to congratulate him. "Be focused," she said, and "stay away from girls."

Calling the singer "Miss Gaga" as he blushed, Chance may not have a choice in that regard. Here's his YouTube sensation rendition of the star's #1 song ...


I'm impressed. That's not easy to do. Well done, Greyson!


He's no "next Justin Bieber" ... but he might just be the next Adam Lambert, depending on how he matures ... He's THAT good.


i really liked this guy...he's waaaay better dan justin bieber.....comparing him to jb means insulting him..


wow! this boy is amazing, don't even compare him with justin bieber. no comparison, this kid is much much better than bieber. hope the music people will sign him up.


no offence but jb kidda sounds like a girl


Greyson soooooooooo better than jb i mean i have to idment the only reason i liked jb is because hes hot but greyson soooo good


Have you guys seen Greyson Chance's new music video? This kid is so much better than Bieber:


ok i agree with hannah :] haha well go new JB


I luv this NEW JB so much better !! wishin he becomes Famous !!![=


Greyson Chance is wayyyyyy better than Justin Beiber. JB sounds like a girl, at least that's what I thought when I first heard him on the radio. I mean Baby Baby Baby? Puh-lease.

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