Greyson Chance: The Next Justin Bieber?

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Or would the next Lady Gaga be more accurate?

At his school's talent show this week, then-unknown Greyson Chance took to the piano and performed an amazing, dead-on rendition of Gaga's hit "Paparazzi."

Age: 12. Number of YouTube views: 14,669,491.

So who is this new 'tween phenom with a story – and haircut – to rival that of Justin Bieber? For one, he's an Edmond, Okla., resident, songwriter and pianist.

On Thursday, Greyson Chance told Ellen DeGeneres that he's "never taken a voice lesson," though you wouldn't know it. Kid sure has an innate feel for music.

Despite the immediate, and obvious comparisons to Justin Bieber, he cites Gaga as his main influence: "She's probably my number one inspiration," he said.

So moving was his "Paparazzi" cover that Lady Gaga herself called into the Ellen show to congratulate him. "Be focused," she said, and "stay away from girls."

Calling the singer "Miss Gaga" as he blushed, Chance may not have a choice in that regard. Here's his YouTube sensation rendition of the star's #1 song ...


you guys need to shutup because i think justin bieber is hot! insted of grayson chance. and if you have a problem with it go f yourself.


justin bieber sings like a girl but grayson sings like a angel... he is so much better than justin...and also grayson is soo hot...


Justin bieber no es nada comparado con greyson chance, greyson tiene una voz mucho mas profesional y es muchisimo mas lindo que justin bieber


Greyson is 12. And his voice is deeper than Justin Bieber :D


JB ALL THE WAY!!! i Luv Greyson though, but he wont cure my bad case of Bieber Fever...Greyson has an AMAZING voice, but no one can take JB's throne!!!


u r all crazy who think that justin is worse and he doesn't sound like a girl !!!! u r all sooo rude!! sorry to say but i think that all you justin haters that are guys, r just jealous!! yes, i am a HUGE justin bieber fan....i am not trying to say that greyson is bad or anything cuz he is good but that is just wrong to put down justin bieber!! even if greyson does make it big and famous, he does not need to be the next justin bieber cuz he is good enough to keep his own career and you dont need to be mean to him!! Just saying but greyson chance could of atleast wrote his own song even if it was by lady gaga, his idol. thanks for listening!!


well nobody can top justin bieber but greyson sounds a little better and i hope i meet u one day but still cant top jb.


Greyson has more powerful voice than JB and he's cuter too !!!


so yall who dont like greyson chance needs to get a life .... and sry ofr u all for u all but i have connections with him and hes hotmazing so when i will be on the beach with him u will be scarfin down twinkies wishin u were me but since ur pretending lik u hate him it will never be... ooo and justin bieber sings like WOman and hes 16 and greyson is 12 and greyson has a way deeper voice than him and will go way farther in the vocal career so ya.. all u ppl just got dissed so dont be haten on my greyson..... cuz that is rubbish.... peace outyall....


Justin Bieber is better still
I will not cure my Bieber fever with greyson tablets or anything

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