Greyson Chance: The Next Justin Bieber?

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Or would the next Lady Gaga be more accurate?

At his school's talent show this week, then-unknown Greyson Chance took to the piano and performed an amazing, dead-on rendition of Gaga's hit "Paparazzi."

Age: 12. Number of YouTube views: 14,669,491.

So who is this new 'tween phenom with a story – and haircut – to rival that of Justin Bieber? For one, he's an Edmond, Okla., resident, songwriter and pianist.

On Thursday, Greyson Chance told Ellen DeGeneres that he's "never taken a voice lesson," though you wouldn't know it. Kid sure has an innate feel for music.

Despite the immediate, and obvious comparisons to Justin Bieber, he cites Gaga as his main influence: "She's probably my number one inspiration," he said.

So moving was his "Paparazzi" cover that Lady Gaga herself called into the Ellen show to congratulate him. "Be focused," she said, and "stay away from girls."

Calling the singer "Miss Gaga" as he blushed, Chance may not have a choice in that regard. Here's his YouTube sensation rendition of the star's #1 song ...


Fuck ya'll that says jb sucks why don't u go and show the world your talent, i'm not trying to be rude but this fucking guy that fakes to be next jb sucks, at his age his voice is this deep when he reachs puberty he will be sounding like a microphone.


He's hot but jb is hotter and there is no how he will be the next jb because it will never happen.


ya greyson is so hot and he has an amazing voice heeheeheeheeei


Love U Greyson !!
Maybe U next JB !


No no no una cosa es mi Justin y otra Grayson si?Los dos son muyyyyy gupos pero UNO es mayoy y otro menor claro que no podria se el nuevo Justin , cada quien como es si


I think that Greyson Chance would not be the next Justin Bieber. In fact, he is better than Justin.. :D


I met Greyson Chance on tour with Miranda Cosgrove, and I looked up his wikipedia and he has the same bday as me so it's meant to be and jb is my man and all but greyson is my husband


maryah , natalie and lushlady need to shutup because yall are so f*** wrong greyson is better so yall need to go fuck yall selves


errr u ppl need to get over youre self wake up idiots he isnt popular any more its not as if he will walk into your life anyway errrrrg


Ki ez a gyerek?

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