Greyson Chance Signed to New Ellen DeGeneres Music Label

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Greyson Chance just took a big step toward becoming the next Justin Bieber.

The 12-year old YouTube sensation taped an appearance on Ellen this week (it airs today) and learned that the talk show host has started a new record label. Her first signee? Greyson Chance!

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The company will be called "Eleveneleven" and Greyson will be co-managed by a pair of music heavyweights: Troy Carter (of Lady Gaga fame) and Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary.

Speaking on his rise to fame, and the number of individuals that have watched him online, Chance said:

"It's crazy thinking about 30 million people. It just makes me happy. It really just hasn't sunken in yet.  It has been two weeks and it still hasn't sunken in yet. It's awesome."

Check your local listings to see when Ellen airs in your area. On the show, Greyson will perform an original single titled "Broken Hearts." Listen to it NOW!


OMG!!! Your soooo good Greyson! Best wishes!~


hi ! are so so cute as you sings.Its you for me the first who sang such a motivated song to raise in life,to fly high in life.You are so innosent to sing and thanks a lot to you Dear Greyson.God bless you And wishing u A very Happy New Year And Bright Future.


My daughter has some original and cover songs, I would love for you or your staff to hear as you know in this industry it is hard to get anything done without knowing someone, or having major bucks and I feel so many talented people get lost in the shuffle because of that, I am only asking if you would be so kind to give her songs a listen, she is on youtube under heathersmusicga. her two original are Grab A Girl and Let It Go, the rest are covers. she is an Amazing person with so much to give. Thanks for taking my e-mail.


I watched today and loved loved Tom Andrews, when will he have an albumn? Sandra


Yeah! A kid that can sing other people's songs! Yeah! PS - Can someone please help Ellen! I'm afraid that she is turning into a muppet.

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