Gabrielle Union: Dating Dwyane Wade, Sued By His Wife For Heavy Petting in Front of Sons

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The estranged wife of NBA star Dwyane Wade is suing his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, claiming she “engaged in sexual foreplay” in front of Wade’s sons.

She says Union is "inflicting emotional distress" by her actions.

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This could get uglier than FlashForward's recent ratings or the Miami Heat's performance in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Celtics.

Siohvaughn Wade has upped the stakes in their ongoing nasty divorce, asserting that actress Union “engaged in sexual foreplay with Dwyane Wade" in front of Wade’s 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons at his Miami home.

In addition to the emotionally distressing groping, Siohvaughn also says Dwayne allowed his 8-year-old to play unsupervised around the pool at night.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been seen out and about in the Miami area many times lately, having quietly started dating as he’s divorcing Siohvaughn.

The lawsuit filed by Mrs. Wade (maiden name Siohvaughn Funches) also claims:

  • That D-Wade’s 8-year-old son told a court appointed representative to put his father in jail so he wouldn’t have to go back to his house and that he calls the home, the house "where the woman kissing daddy lives.”
  • That Wade’s 2-year-old nearly drowned while Dwyane was taking care of him.
  • That he introduced Gabrielle Union to his sons as his girlfriend and told the young boys “that is why your mom and I are going to divorce.”
  • The 8-year-old has suffered so much anxiety that he has lost hair and has bald spots and must undergo court-ordered mental evaluations.

We have no idea if any of that's true ... or if she got that STD from Dwyane as she alleged the last time we heard from ol' Siohvaughn. Stay tuned.


ewwww... gabby!!!gross!!! u no when i look back on the movies you made, u didnt really have to try to hard to play those roles huh!!!!
(deliver us from eva, two can play that game, the wood!) some women can just break a family apart!!! desperate housewife!!!!


Garielle,move away as fast as you can while the marital conflict is still pending. Being an attractive,independent woman you are being kicked while "hanging in there".Take a step backwards while the slinging is going on.Accusations being thrown at your name is not where you need to be.Easing away from this battlefield does not mean that you care less about Dwayne,but right now The Mrs.
has more leverage than you do,and you do not need all the turmoil
of being involved in someone else's marriage.


Right On sister! My husband & I just won every single case the ex tired to bring. She got jailed I got all the child suport money back out of her ( civil suite). We got jointe custody with no more child suport She was charger with fake police report and lying under Oath. It's been nine yrs. for us and we keep moving. Gabby, D. Wade, if you wanna keep her away, fight and you better keep riding with Gabby, she nor you deseve this fight. So what if she goes to jail.She's trying to do the same thing to you both. Don't let her win. There are a lot of men out here who need us to knock these bad baby mama's down. All you want is your kids got get em and fight her off with only court. wait it out you will win, walk with GOD. Your oldest was 4 when y'all split and the other was not born yet. They only know you and Gabby being together, other than what the bitter lady put in there head. (think about it)


It's sad that Mrs. Wade is using the children to get back at her soon to be ex-husband. The energy she's using to get back at him she should save and move on with life. When its over its over. I'm sure Ms. Union is not to blame The marriage was probably over before she hook up with Mr. Wade. So often we ignore the signs when our marriage is in trouble and when shit hit the fan we can't except it.
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