Fashion Face-Off: Sophia Bush vs. Khloe Kardashian

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Earlier this week, Damon Thomas called out ex-wife Kim Kardashian as a "fame whore" who is jealous of her sisters and has no talent.

Soon afterward, Khloe Kardashian came to Kim's defense and said: "We haven't spoken to this guy in years! Their relationship was 10 years ago! It's sad that people will make up lies for money! I'm just happy that Kim is out of that unhealthy relationship."

That's a nice sentiment, but Khloe has her own problems to worry about: she's been challenged to a fashion face-off by Sophia Bush!

The One Tree Hill actress is seen below in the same Hervé Léger dress as Khloe donned last month. Study the photos and then vote in our poll...

Sophia vs. Khloe

Who looks better in this dress?

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that dress makes both girls look waaaaaaaaaaay overweight...reminds me of Sheldon's doppler effect awful...


Why bother to vote....that dress is TERRIBLE!


That dress makes Kloe look like she's in a fun house mirror.


No Khloe, what's sad is that people like you get married after only knowing someone for a month for money. You're a fine one to talk about unhealthy relationships. What the heck was Lamar thinking when he wifed this chick?

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