Elisabeth Hasselbeck Apologizes to Erin Andrews

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck danced her way out of this one.

Having needlessly bashed Erin Andrews for dressing provocatively on Dancing With the Stars, criticizing her outfits on a dance competition show in which contestants of both genders all dress scantily, Elisabeth felt terrible.

On Tuesday, Hasselbeck implied that Erin should tone it down and said her peephole stalker could've waited a few months to see the goods with less prison time.

Pretty uncool.

Andrews understandably called the commentary "a slap in the face," and Hasselbeck apologized, saying that her young daughter advised her to contact Andrews.

"I wanted to offer that publicly too," Hasselbeck said, and you have to give her credit for that at least, not to mention the sincerity. Here it is:


seems more like she was praising her daughter than truly apologizing


Elisabeth Hassebeck is a moron, she is not funny as she tries to be on the view with her stupid quis, hardly gets any applause from the sudience members for her stupid dumb views...
Just because she defends the republican doesn't mean she is smart! Her beady eyes are so scary and her man body and hands and feet are icky to see... It's time for her to leave the show!! Elisabeth is a fake racist bimbo.


Wow what a country- what a show. That bunch of liberal bimbos can say anything insulting about anyone the libs deem to be the "enemy", but go bonkers when the shoe is on the other foot. Look at Joy, what joy she is for making it a virtue to tear up and say mean things about those she disagrees with. She is a real smart mouth who thinks she is a sage. What she is, is a narrow minded, self-important, Hollywood moron. These "stars" tell us how to vote, what is moral, and actually believe they have a brain (yes Dorothy- they think they have a brain). They are all on drugs, or have several failed marriages, and suffer from a god complex- and yet they think they have a real working brain. UGH!


elizabeth made a joking comment, (which while being thoughtless was not derogatory to erin. the other 3 make unkind comments all the time, but she was critized for it. How about we level the field by having another conservative on the panel? There's no greater bimbo than joy, who regularly makes unkind statements, but the libs can only dish it out.
as for erin...maybe it's time she stopped milking this situation and got on with it. She had to know the outfits are pretty skimpy and were bound to provoke comments. if you dress seductively, don't expect people to mistake you for a nun.


Elisabeth apologised & from what I understand, Erin accepted. End of story.


Does Miss Holier-Than-Thou need to be reminded of the fact that she came to the public eye wearing little more than a strategically wrapped bandana in Survivor Australia? I wonder how she would feel if someone terrorized her and some cold-hearted cow said something along the same lines as what she said to Erin. As for her public apology, she can shove her purported sincerity down her throat and choke on it... she barely acknowledge the impact of what she said not just to Erin, but to all women who have been victims of stalking or sexual assault.


Well, first off, what do you expect Erin to dance in, a burka? I guess she should crawl in a hole and hide from the world because she was stalked? Now, that's what I call insane. Look, I don't think Elizabeth really thought her comments through and that's has long been her problem. She tried to say something funny and witty and it totally backfired on her stupid-ass. She doesn't get that her words have consequences. I do, think, her appology was sincere. But I am more disappointed that Joy and Whoopie, who long have claimed to be feminists, didn't call her out on her words. I not surprised Elizabeth holds such closed minded and sexist viewpoints but I expect more from Joy and Whoopie.


I think Elizabeth Hasselbeck had a valid, if unpopular--and improperly worded--point to make. In light of what had happened to Erin Andrews, just how wise was it of the show (and I agree here that the onus should have been placed on DWTS, or even Max, her partner/costumer designer, to have shown more sensitivity) to parade Erin around in revealing costumes? Nevermind that the outfits are just plain ugly. We have men like Erin's stalker because of the proliferation of sexual images in the media. Our society's sick with it. And people like Hasselbeck are sick of it. Shame on the show. And kudos to Elizabeth for apologizing publicly to Erin for her words.


What a self serving arrogant woman she is. She should be fired for that remark.


I love ERIN, As 4 "Hassel "BITCH" i have NEVER liked the "STUPID BIMBO " !!! She needs FIRED, She will never have 2 worry about anyone trying 2 get a peek at her, she's nothing but "TRASH" !! What a STUPID BITCH !!!

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