Elin Woods: Back in the U.S.A.

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After spending two weeks with her family and friends in Sweden, Elin Nordegren Woods and her children – Sam, and Charlie - are back in Orlando, Fla.

Not with Tiger Woods. Just back in Orlando.

Elin Nordegren and Her Children

She's rumored to be starting over in Sweden, and it's clear Elin Woods feels at home in her native country. She and her mother, Barbro Holmberg, celebrated the traditional holiday of Valborg, on the last of April, marking the arrival of spring.

"During the holiday, Elin was seen walking the streets of Gävle with her mom and kids," a source said. "She has had protection by bodyguards 24/7."

What's Elin Woods' next move?

Last Friday, she left her digs in Stockholm with the children to travel north and enjoy the holiday at her mother's large apartment in the Gävle. She was photographed jogging with her wedding ring off along the river Gävlean.

According to a published report in Sweden, security is heavy. When Elin and the children were inside of the castle, the guards were on duty outside.

On Monday evening Elin and the children said goodbye to Holmberg and returned to Stockholm to prepare for their flight back to Orlando.

Will she file to divorce Tiger now that she's back?

No one knows for sure. All that's certain is this: "The next few months will be very interesting in the life of Elin and Tiger Woods," a source said.

"Despite the gossip, the most important thing to Elin is the fate of her children."


answers to Lee Says:
from what you have just told me you are naive.
only Elin knows the truth and if Elin knew that Tiger was cheating why did she turn a blind eye? and refuse to do anything.


Answers to Lee: I think Tiger paid the bills for Elin's trips. I think Elin knew all along that his husband was playing around ( mayn't know the details, but know Tiger has flings and affairs) However, knowing is one thing, yet with the whole world knowing it in great detail by the whore's vivid stories is something which is hard to baer..I bet it is this loss of "face" (and not the loss of "trust") which led to the divorce... We really don't have a clue as to how much love Elin has for Tiger... but I suspect this couple has marriage problem way way before the car accident...


another commentator for Lee Says: If a man cheats on his wife the only thing he do is to say sorry and ask for forgiveness and it is up to wife to forgive or not to forgive and if Elin divorce Tiger Wood it means that Elin is as bad as Rachel U.,has no sense of forgiveness and she out for revenge, and it will be unfair to Tiger because Elin if this e-news is true Elin get $500- $600 million dollar etc without contributeing any thing. Please can i ask you who has paying for Elin trips and did Elin know Tiger was playing around?


Lee: Your viewpoint is interesting...You may be the rare few predicting Tiger and Elin won't divorce... Despite I personally hope to see their marriage saved, but from how things stand I predict they are going for a uncontested divorce with shared custody of kids in Orlando... I read your point regarding Elin want to ensure Tiger's trust got tested via living in separate houses, but my woman's hunch told me if a wife truly cares for her husband especially in this turmoil times of Tiger, the wife will not be taking trips here-and-there while it is evident that Tiger is struggling and definitely not in great shape psychologically... If e-news is true, their diverse views on Tiger's return to golf shocked me because I found it hard to believe a wife hoping his husband to stop or defer back to work coz he cheated.. Most wives much look forward for the husband to devote his time on career and whatever so far they are steered away from whores...


Hi Lee: Your view is interesting as it is exactly opposite to many other bloggers who believe living together gains more understanding and love for the couple (in contrast to yours thinking living apart is a way to test on trust between the couple)...To be frank, I have never thought of there is such a viewpoint, so you enlightened me with a totally different perspective.


;ikely answers to Lee Says:
I do not agree with any blogger and statment that for a man of high sex needs that facts that wife is not in same household is giving to much opportunities for sexy women to appoarch Tiger. Tiger Wood may have go to sex rehab Elin supported him and by
Elin living in separate house not attending the Masters etc she just wants to know if she can trust Tiger Wood Glof is not a 9- 5 job monday to friday in one city .The
have to spend time apart for them to trust each other


likely answers to Lee Says
I ask you this question How can you cure a 34 years old man that is addicted to television? the answer is banning from watching television for sometime perhaps this could help you find out the reason why Elin living in separate house.(guest house) My second question somebody that is jobless going on upon trips upon trips who pays for all the trips.


likely answers to Lee Says
I ask you this question How can you cure a 34 years old man that is addicted to television? the answer is banning from watching television for sometime. You see things different if a man cheat on his wife the only thing he can do is to say sorry and ask for forgiveness than it is up to the wife to forgive on not to forgive. The Media,press,and peer group are doing their best to ensure that Tiger and Elin divorce.


Must qualify I am not advocating for a divorce for the WOODS family, but I am curious at your guess of Elin and Tiger will not divorce... You may be the rare few who are guessing that their marriage will stay... I hope they are not divorcing, but I can't really figure out what this couple is trying to do with their marriage.. If they are saving their marriage, then why do they live in separate houses ...This is the part that I feel hazy for their marriage.. Lee: What made you think that they are not divorcing ? Care to elaborate more on this !


likely answers to Lees Says:
if you can not given a reason why Elin is living in separate a house and cannot answer this question How can you cure a 34 years old man that is addicted to television? it means that you are naive and has be fooled by Elin. Elin and Tiger will not divorce


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