Arnold Klein: Michael Jackson Chose Who He Loved

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Dr. Arnold Klein is Tweeting back at Elizabeth Taylor over the legendary actress' recent implication that he supplied Michael Jackson with lovers ... of both genders.

The Twitter-tongue-lashing he got resulted from comments he made about MJ's sex life, saying he was gay and confirming rumors of an affair with Jason Pfeiffer.

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Taylor lambasted Klein for betraying Michael's confidentiality and trust, and got in an extra dig that the dermatologist supplied Jackson with men as well as women.

Both Pfeiffer and Jackson's former wife Debbie Rowe worked in Klein's office (Klein is also rumored to be the father of MJ's kids, but that's neither here nor there).

He counter-Twittered Friday: "Dearest Elizabeth Michael CHOSE whom he loved; I only SUPPLIED medical care. May God bless you and Michael. Your friend Arnie."

Was Michael Jackson gay? Is Arnold Klein lying? Did the doctor betray the star's trust? Was Elizabeth Taylor out of line? The list of questions goes on and on ...

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Michael is a straight guy! This video is a proof! I hate to share this because Michael edited this part in the official video. But look closely at his reaction at :56 to :58, after the girl went down on him.


But of course this clown is just doing it for money! He probably called another clown and said, "Hey, you wanna make some money?". Then he called TMZ and said, "I have some stories to tell you about Michael Jackson. How much do you pay?" Anyone can go to any media and tell anything about Michael for money. After all Michael is dead and can't defend himself. What a bunch of evil greedy people. And that includes the media!


Klein and his 15 minutes of fame yet again. It wasn't enough that he was on television yapping nosence shortly after MJ died. Now that the 3 bodyguards have come out and told the world about Michael's 2 girlfriends in the last 2 years of his life, Klein and company come out to claim MJ was gay. Klein just has to be at the center of everything and he had his side kick will be paying for it one day. Poor Michael, he valued his prvacy so much and he never got it one day in his life and now that he is gone, he still does not have it. Those poor sweet childen, it is so unfair to them. They don't need any more lies spread about Michael. I am appalled at the lengths some people will go out of greed. Thank God for Liz. She is the one person who always stood by MJ no matter what. At least he had one true friend that never let him down.


I can't believe you people. You're beating a dead horse, now. Michael is dead so this is really neither here nor yonder. What-ever Michael was, it doesn't matter anymore.


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To all the people saying Michael Jackson was straight and he was normal and he could never be gay,I believe you come accross as homophobics.Being gay is normal too.There is nothing wrong with being gay.If Michael Jackson were really gay,I would still be his fan.But Dr. Klein had no right to say Michael Jackson was gay because the singer is dead and he cannot deny or approve the story.Stop the homophobia rant,people,by saying that gay is not normal.A lot of geniuses in the past were gay and a lot of them were straight.The sexual orientation of a person does not count.All we should care about is the person's soul.


I live in Los Angeles, I have met Dr. Klein. He has used MJ to promote his career for years. A media whore indeed.
A physician is to uphold HIPAA regulations, whether is on a personal level or professional treatment any patient has had in his office. This physician has violated every confidentially agreement that we count on our Dr's to uphold.
Is Dr. Klein a Dr. or a pimp? Be careful Dr. Klein, our opinion of you in Los Angeles has sunk to an all time low. You have enjoyed a lavious lifestyle, which may change if you continue to behave in this manner with any patient, not just with Michael Jackson. Certainly your behavior with Michael Jackson's privacy that you have violated, has left a lasting memory for all of us ever seeking medical care in your speciality. God bless Ms. Taylor for having the courage to continue to fight for her friend's dignity, in life and in death.


Klein is gay, and unfortunately he is also a media whore. He cannot imagine anyone else making another lifestyle choice and he thinsk we are really all buying this story. This is bogus.


The media killed Michael Jackson, no one else!


@MJFANALWAYS I couldnt have said it better myself. From the bottom of my heart Michael I love you, I always have, always will. RIP angel.

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