Double Whammy: Crystal Bowersox, Boyfriend Broke Up Prior to American Idol Finale

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Crystal Bowersox lost more than an American Idol crown this week.

She lost a boyfriend.

Appearing on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today, the runner-up to Lee DeWyze said she and boyfriend Tony Kusian broke up on Tuesday morning because "he wasn't cool with the lifestyle."

The split, which occurred mere hours before the final performance night, was 100% mutual, Crystal said:

“We’re both logical, grown adults. He’s a small town guy and it’s fine. I’m a small town girl but I want this. I want this more than anything - this career, this lifestyle. I didn’t think he was up for it. He didn’t think he was up for it.”

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It doesn't sound like there are any hard feelings on Crystal's end at all: “He’s been amazing. He stuck it out through this whole thing.”

Ever the sage, Kara DioGuardi, who also appeared on the programed, chimed in and told Bowersox: "You have to do your music. It’s not a choice for you. It’s what makes you whole. If somebody can’t hang with that - I’m sure he’s a lovely guy but right now this is your dream.”

Who do you think should have won American Idol?

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I see people leaving horrible remarks here.. Unreal.. Crystal is a true artist.. When someone gives you goose bumps when they sing, it's the real deal.. She's a beautiful person, And all who have nasty stuff to say about her, should take a look in the mirror.. Not one person is perfect.. and really it's no ones buisness about Crystals love life and who cares if she broke up with her boyfriend..Many people can make a clean break with no hard feelings ITS CALLED MATURITY lots of people have it and it appears alot of you dont.. So Crystal congrats on your progress Go buy that trailor park these goons refer to.. And Yes you should have gone home with Lee;)


I think the hot Mama dumped the husband-boyfriend for Lee when she knew Lee would become the next American Idol. I look at her as the gold digger. She probably used that boyfriend to babysit her son during the season and when she knew she was safe to be either No, 1 or No. 2, she dumped him for a bigger catch i.e. LeeDW. Now we know who she is. Tramp. She doesn't deserve to be No. 2. Casey or Shibon are more deserving. America got it wrong this time!


@Ben Says - did all these people use the American Idol voting system? It would seem that voting for Crystal on a media survey, was not as helpful as actually voting for her on American Idol.


Anyone who break- up would be devastated, but she was cool about it.
Wonder whether American Idol knew this earlier before she announced on radio. Is this good or bad for her or to American idol?


I admire Crystal for continuing with her love of music.She is that
rare breed of young people who has chosen for herself instead of letting "so-called-love" choose for her. Kara's words of wisdom could not have been spoken better.


i think crystal is amazing and voted for her but i think her and lee were great in duet too...i think the should be a team...hands down


I would love you to email back


I love you crystal I'm very upset that you didnt win .
You are a true ARTIST, often runner up's make it better!!!!!!!!!!
I am a rock girl from way back ,I married into the industry, and think you were robbed.
I give credit where its due but Lee is quite a great act , to a degree CRYSTAL!!!!! you blew him away,I admire you so much, cause you have finally made be known ROCK STILL LIVES Cheers Julie x Adelaide STH AUSTRALIA


Crystal should have went home with him.


Go on back to the trailer park Crystal. Your pet pit bull misses you.