Do Not Effin Touch Justin Bieber!

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We have terrible news for teenage girls around the world: Justin Bieber does not like to be touched.

At least not if a recent story in The Daily Telegraph is the be believed.

According to that newspaper, Justin appeared on an Australian morning show recently. As he was being led to a section of the set, he whipped around and said to the station's floor manager: Don’t ever fucking touch me again.

Upon hearing this, David Koch (the host of the show), recounted Bieber's sound guy saying "don't take offense, mate, he tells us that all the time."

Seven employees allegedly backed up this story to the newspaper.

While Bieber didn't address the scandal directly, he did post the following Tweet this week:

family time with my mom couldnt come at a better time....i was raised to respect others and not gossip...nor answer gossip with anger.

i know my friends family and fans know the person i am. hearing adults spread lies and rumors is part of the job i guess. but i all i have to say is...kill em with kindness.

Perhaps Justin should call up crush Kim Kardashian. She could teach him a lot about handling bad press, along with other things.

Bieber did perform on the morning show, following this reportedly brief fracas. Watch his cuteness in action below.


Oh geez, so what, he doesn't like to be touched! Neither do I. The Donald doesn't like to shake hands and neither do I. And that bald guy, (oh what's his name? The deal or no deal guy) has that OCD and doesn't touch people for fear of germs. I just think it's rude to go around putting your hands on peoples arms when you're speaking to them, or touching them for no reason. If Justin doesn't like to be touched, so what? It's ruder to force it. I have this weird 80-year-old uncle who tries to kiss me on the lips. Once was enough and I smartened up and keep a good distance. YUCK!


wow i cant believe he did that he was so disrespectful and he also threatened ppl to buy him fast food or hewont perform.......what the fck happened to the kidsome of us loved from a litle own in Canada???


LOL @ Bieber fans putting the sunrise host as their most hated person. Get over yourselves. Bieber was completely disrespectful to the Sunrise crew here in Australia. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame Bieber because in 5 years time everyone will be saying Justin who? Except for your little embarrassing no-life fans.


he has no fucking reason to be mean cause he a singer and he acts sweet when he fucking aint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like him but if he keeps on i aint liking him anymore and hes acting like a true bitch!!!!if he would have said that to me i would have told him off!!!!


hello justin soy luana sos el mejor cantante del mundo Te queremos
luana y sol


will he shold not say that he have to make sure if that was accdient or that was real but he shouldent say it after all but i still love him


up himself little boy, no respect!!


I was like "what?" they are seriously making a big deal? I say fuck at least 100 times a day, and everyone I know doesnt give a crap... I don't like ANYONE touching me at all, so if a stranger did it I would cuss at them too. Plus since he is a star, people are probably always trying to touch him, or maybe it was an accident for the sound dude, but anyone, long story short, it was a MISUNDERSTANDING!


what's wrong with his voice ?! too bad for a handsome and talented boy ckck*


He gives new meaning to the words: little prick!


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