Did NeNe Leakes Get a Nose Job?

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NeNe Leakes is all about keeping it real.

She owns up to her stripping past. She lets the world in on her diet and training regimen.

But there's apparently one area of her life where NeNe is no more real than Kate Gosselin's love for her children: the reality star's nose.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star stepped out this week at the Dancing Stars of Atlanta Benefit for Alzheimers, and it was evident to all in attendance that something was different than before. Compare, contrast and judge for yourself:

NeNe Leakes before... and alledgly after her plastic surgery. Notice anything different in the region between her eyes and mouth?

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nene looks great. she works hard to get herself looking good i comand her for being so dedicated to herself and her family. keep up the good work nene. cant wait to see you on the upcomming show housewives of atlanta. I hope you are more relaxed this time.


You cant be certain about the nose because of the angel...regardless she needs to get some class! Sge is a trouble making loud mouth disgusting person ans has no home training. she comes off as a complete ghetto mud slinging idiot!


It is very narrow compared to what it was before, however, the surgeon did a decent job. Her new nose looks a lot better than Dwight's nose who looks like he had someone pinch it with tweezers. I think that if she wanted to change her nose, she should have had a more subtle revision, but evidently, she wanted an entirely new nose.


I think she just looks like she lost weight. I can't tell too much about the nose otherwise.


Her nose is looking rather bowling pin-ish in the picture. Definitely a nose job. I think she went to Dwight Eubank's plastic surgeon for this one (poor girl)! I like the last version of her nose better.


OOOOOPs, I meant to say I think her nose looks bigger in the picture on the RIGHT.


Since the photos are of two different angles, it's hard to tell. I think her nose looks bigger in the picure on the left. Is that the more recent one?