Dennis Hopper Passes Away at 74

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First, Gary Coleman. Now, Dennis Hopper.

A day after the former sitcom star passed away, this veteran actor lost his battle with cancer. He was 74.

Hopper died early Saturday morning at his house Venice, California, surrounded by family and friends. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2009.

The two-time Oscar nominee starred in such classic films as Easy Rider, Hoosiers, Speed and Apocalypse Now. Sadly, his personal life overshadowed his professional life during his last few months alive.

Earlier this spring, Hopper's fifth wife, Victoria, was accused of trying to have the actor killed.

Our thoughts go out to his loved ones.


We all loved you in everything you did. I remember most of your characters from your movies,I especially remember your character in A.N. You were a great talent. Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson were the actors that shaped a whole generation. And, Easy Rider found Jack's great, stupid voice. Great!! RIP You did good, Dennis.


Love you Dennis--you will absolutely be missed.
you are truly one of a kind and you were a major talent. they don't make themlike you anymore


Thank you Dennis for a life time of entertainment, you are never forgotten buy your Fans. Wishing you a Good Journey into the eternal Home. Bless You.


RIP Dennis. You will be missed by many. My sympathy goes out to the family.


RIP Dennis. You brought laughter, heartbreak and love to all of us throughout your spectacular career. Who would have ever bet you'd live long enough to be a grand old man and a shining example of a gentleman.

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