Delonte West: Nailing Jumpers, LeBron James' Mom?

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Is it possible that the most surprising move of the Cleveland Cavaliers' season wasn't superstar LeBron James quitting in Game 5 against the Celtics, but Delonte West's amorous moves on LeBron's mom, Gloria James, in the sack?

That's the rumor going around!

LeBron James Pep Rally Pic

This unsubstantiated gossip has circulated for days, and no reputable sources have reported it, but people continue to search for details on reports that Gloria James, mother of LeBron, is sleeping with his teammate and friend Delonte West.

Whether it's true or not is anyone's guess. On one hand, it's preposterous ... on the other, who can resist a couple of HOT neck tattoos?

Is LeBron James' mom Gloria sleeping with Delonte West?

Who started this rumor? West himself, angry because he doesn't get enough playing time? An irate Cavs fan bitter that James may leave via free agency? A delusional Cleveland supporter looking for an excuse for his team's early playoff exit?

Speaking of his impending free agency: Where will LeBron end up?


I thought Delonte West was banging Justin Beiber. Or was that Stan Van Gundy?


wat lebron mother did 2 him was not good now lebron james dont wat 2 see him cuz he want 2 FUK HIM UP cuz of u.... This is 4 delonte wast wold u love that lebron james had sex with ur mother in ur houes...LEBRON JAMES kown u need 2 gooo 2 new york r chicago 2 play i noe that fukd up but ur mother dont koew wat she did 2 u i noe that u can not see her at her eys

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