Danielle Staub: I was Severely Abused by Kevin Maher

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Danielle Staub is done with sex.

But the Real Housewife of New Jersey isn't done bashing her ex-husband. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Staub makes serious allegations against Kevin Maher.

"I was severely abused," she says. "I was in fear for my life. I was visibly bruised, injured, scared and victimized."

Staub and Maher were married in 1988, and the former goes into detail about their past in her new biography The Naked Truth. The book is largely a response to Maher's memoir, Cop Without a Badge, which accuses Danielle of kidnapping, extortion and drug use.

These two make it seem like Lindsay Lohan and her father have a stable relationship.

Staub tells the magazine that Maher is "obsessed" with her and adds there was...

"A lot of physical abuse, and then the emotional abuse that follows... We are talking days and days in a row before he was exhausted, or ran out of drugs, whatever it was that he was on."

Maher admits he hit Danielle, but only in "self-defense." He denies all accusations of long-term, unprovoked abuse. (He also says he never killed her dog. Consider that noted.)

"Some of the things she has written... are just complete lies," Maher says.  "This woman was never hospitalized by me."

Why did the volcanic couple stay together? He explains: "I was never in love with her, I was in lust with her. Our whole relationship was about sex. We had sex from the time we woke up in the morning to when we went to sleep, and even during sleeping. It was all about sex and cocaine."

That's what he should have named his book.


Danielle..How do you find the time or energy to involve yourself with all these people? How do you have the time to work out, date, and drive around meeting people and spying out parties you weren't invited to? You have 2 kids to take care of..last I heard..this IS A FULL TIME JOB..speaking of which...why don't you get a JOB! 9 - 5! Is your ex footing the bill STILL??? GET SMART..GET A JOB AND QUIT EMBARRASSING YOURSELF ON NATIONAL TV...
Poor kids..they deserve better...


I love the gals from Jersey! Escpecially Caroline...She loves her family....all of them and would do anything for them. I was an avid viewer of the Sopranos with their Jersey accents and extravahant life styles and this gives me my fix! I will stay up late just so I don't miss an episode! Danielle is a total mess. I wonder if she watches these episodes?? She is the most paranoid freak show in quite sometime!! All these women look great!! Well except for that Freak Danielle! There is a demographic for the 50 something housewife.....I'm one of them.


she has to be a closet drug user she is to paranoid that the housewives and there partners are after her shes obsessed with them to many personalities she has why is she on the show shes not a housewife


She has the worst paranoia I've EVER seen. She acts like everyone is going to kill her. Who the hell brings ex-cons to "protect" them at a charity benefit. So sad she's in a Facebook war with an 18 year old.. she's the coolest 47 year old I've ever seen. HAHAHAHA. Her life is such a joke!!


Danielle is the biggest whore I have ever seen. Who in the hell does she think she is with her trailer park "little man" that went with her to the Brownstone??? If she is such a tough girl then why can't she go there by herself?? She is nothing but a trailer park trash sorry excuse for a human being. I cannot believe TV pays people like her... And to think of us "hard working" citizens that do not get CRAP!!!


The low rent trailer trash drama junkie should not be allowed on a reality show. Her recent actions justify all opinions of her other than her own. It's sad she can't see herself through the public eye. I imagine her children are deeply sad and terrified. It will be amazing if they don't turn into over the top Brittany and Lindsay want to be's. I can't understand why their father or grandparents are on the scene. I imagine they crave sane role models in their lives. On RHNYC it is so apparent in their facial facial expressions and verbal responses that they are ashamed and embarrassed by Danielle's infantile behavior. It's a sad day when the children come off more mature than the so called parent.


LIAR she is the biggest LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not to mention ugly and old


What is the fascination with these housewives? They don't look good. They are old. Their drama is generally from two decades ago. I don't get it, what is the appeal of some 50 something house wife?

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