D.A. to Drop Charges Against Tito Ortiz

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Tito Ortiz will not be prosecuted for the recent domestic incident with Jenna Jameson that resulted in a 911 call and more than a few heated, conflicting words.

The Orange County District Attorney's office says it will not bring charges against Ortiz for the pair's blowup in April that left Jenna in bandages and him in jail.

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The reason for the case being dropped: "Insufficient corroboration." 

Basically, Jameson, the only witness, took back her allegations, leaving no evidence with which to prosecute Ortiz. She also let him move back in. Done deal.

Ortiz was hauled away by cops on the morning of April 26 after they received a 911 call from Jameson's dad. Tito was arrested and charged with assault.

Tito Ortiz is off the hook and back with Jenna Jameson.

A teary Jenna Jameson, her arm wrapped in gauze, initially told reporters she planned on pressing charges and an emergency protective order was issued.

Ortiz countered with allegations that Jenna was abusing painkillers and he was just trying to help. Jenna came up with drug test results proving she's clean.

About a week later, things cooled off a bit, with the former porn queen recanting the assault claims and explaining the incident in full, saddening detail.

By Mother's Day weekend, Jameson, Ortiz and the couple's twins were all living together again, posing for photos and looking cute. There you go.


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Why did he go back? That was like the perfect chance for him to escape.


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