Coroner: Corey Haim Died of Natural Causes

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The L.A. County Coroner has released the report on Corey Haim's death, and despite previous reports and assumptions, the actor's demise was not caused by drugs.

The cause of death is listed as "natural."

Haim died of natural causes from "community-acquired pneumonia" that damaged his lungs, and was complicated by an enlarged heart and narrowed blood vessels.

Low levels of eight drugs, including a prescription muscle relaxant, were found in Haim's system along with marijuana, coroner's spokesman Craig Harvey said.

Nothing at a level that would have contributed to his death, however.

R.I.P. Corey Haim (1971-2010).

Drugs in Haim's system included the antidepressants fluoxetine and olanzapine; the tranquilizers diazepam and meprobamate, found in Valium and other medications; cough-suppressant dextromethorphan; and antihistamine diphenhydramine.

A whole slew of doctors supplying Haim and other stars (such as Michael Jackson and Brittany Murphy) with prescription medications are under investigation.

Haim, who struggled with drug problems for years, died March 10 after collapsing in his mother's apartment. Corey had been feeling ill the previous two days.

In short, Corey had a bad heart and pneumonia. The muscle in his heart had thickened, and the arteries hardened, making it more difficult for blood to flow.

We hope the report gives his family closure.


I recently saw a video of Corey where he was so bloated (full of fluid) that anyone who has seen congestive heart failure would have recognized it in him. Immediate treatment would have bought him time, but in the end he was doomed. Ironically in the video he was being interviewed by an Elvis impersonator! (Elvis died of heart failure too, and was extremely bloated in his last year.) Elvis damaged his heart with drugs in the same way Corey did. This should serve as a serious warning to anyone doing drugs for any length of time.


God Bless Cory's family and yes may this bring some closure to the pain of their loss. Sadly all the media hype feeding into Cory being a drug addict who died from his addictions has been planted into everyone's brains. The disgusting thing is that this TRUTH will not reverse the damage done to Cory's persona in the eyes of the general public. Today's society feeds on LIES, rumours, gossip and slander not on truth. It's time society re-think and have respect and concern for one another as human beings, no matter what vices we may have. Peace and L.O.V.E. RIP Cory.