Chely Wright to Announce Homosexuality, Report States

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When Ricky Martin and Adam Lambert came out of the closet, the entertainment world was proud, but not exactly shocked.

According to TMZ, though, Chely Wright is ready to make a surprising announcement: she's gay.

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People magazine first floated the rumor that a significant star would reveal her homosexuality in the near future, and TMZ has confirmed it's Wright. The country singer, whose "Single White Female" hit number-one in 1999, has an autobiography and a new CD coming out this week.

We're always happy when a celebrity (or a human being in general) is confident and secure enough to make such an admission publicly - but it would help her cause if she weren't promoting an album at the same time.

If this report is accurate, Wright will be the first major country singer to go public with her sexual orientation. It's a big risk, considering the conservative demographic of country music fans.

We wish her the best of luck.


never heard of her... this is a website to report on hollywood gossip if you pay attention to hollywood and celebs you should know their names... with regards to this one, i got nothing....never heard of her...and don't really care who she likes to hump in her personal life. what does that have to do with her music?? i am not buying her music regardless of who she tells me she likes to get it on with...but good for her for feeling that her sex life is important enough that the world should know about it. she must feel really special.


well, Kris, because not everyone is in your world. SO to people who know who she is this IS news. Just because YOU never heard of her and YOU don't care doesnt mean others don't. I think you need to realize the world doesn't revolve just around you. Not being mean just honest.I do happen to know who she is. She was popular a few years back and it cracks me up because I remember reading or seeing on t.v. a story about her and how a boy who was crazy about her won her as a date to his prom or something like that. So it's kind of ironic. Plus she doesn't seem like the type to be gay. I think a lot of men are upset at this news.


Billy Joe Royal, who turned from pop to country, was the first major country singer to admit he was gay. His hits included, I Knew You When, Down In The Boondocks, Tell It Like It Is, and I'll Pin A Note On Your Pillow.


Um, Excuse me? Never heard of this chick, and pretty definitely heard of K.D. Lang, so calling her "the first major country singer to go public with her sexual orientation" is pretty rich...


I never heard of her. I guess it's because she's a country star and I don't follow that at all. Good for her. I like a risk-taker.


Ho-hum. Never heard of her. Don't care. Why is this news?


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