Chely Wright Opens Up About Suicidal Thoughts, John Rich Bigotry

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Earlier this week, Chely Wright came out as gay.

But that's not the most dramatic news this country music singer has to share with the world. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Wright divulged that she was very close to suicide.

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The low point of her struggle with homosexuality, Chely said, took place during a discussion with fellow artist John Rich. She relayed it to the entertainment news show as follows:

β€œHe said, "You're not gay are you?!" I said, "No, John, I'm not." He said, "Good, thank God." And that began a spiral for me. I had a meltdown shortly after that.”

This self-described meltdown culminated with a loaded gun in Wright's hand.

β€œI was looking at myself in a mirror... as I was about to do it. I just looked at myself and something snapped and I started to cry... and I realized I have too much to live for. I may lose my career in country music, that will break my heart, but it's okay. I have a lot of different pieces of my heart that matter and that's what I've come to learn.”

As we've said before, Wright's admissions would seem less opportunistic if they came during a week that did not involve the releae of an autobiography and a new album.

But why be cynical? Here's to hoping this singer has found inner peace and is moving in a positive direction with her life.


CCL, it has been my experience that the people who are the most hateful are the closet cases.


I hate people like this.She is beyond a has been.A one hit wonder from the early 90's.So she gets 10 more minutes of fame and throws other people under the bus in the process.Screw her.She will be news for 2 weeks then sink back into obscurity because NOBODY cares for her crappy music,gay or not.


I am appalled that John Rich acts like a self-appointed saviour of humanity. I think that even HIS God would encourage him to act with a certain amount of charitableness toward his fellow man.


I do not think anything different of Chely Wright and applaud her. She is entitled to her own and hope that all others love the person not who her sexual persuasion is, that hasn't changed.


First let me address John Rich. I was born and raised in Nashville. He has a reputation for his Homophobic ways. He's a VERY VERY VERY Hate-full person.
Secondly, Chely, You live your truth! I'm ALMOST finished with the book and it's so compelling. I believe alot of us struggle with the same issues. You're STRONG, Respected, and kind.
Nashville Loves you!


She's trying to sell a book, and her 15 minutes were up a long time ago. No one even knows who she is, and no one cares. So, this is just some free PR because her publisher isn't going to get off of the big bucks to promote a book that is going to flop, anyway. No one wants to hear about the homophobic years, they're gone, dead, deceased, never more.


It must be painfully sad to fear that someone will discover who you are or who you are in love with. I find it despicable in this day and age, that people are so stupid to wish this woman had shot herself in the head, so they didn't have to read about. No one made you read this or respond to it.
You did it deliberately just to amuse yourself, and anyone who agrees with you. How this it any of your business? How does her being a Lesbian effect you?
How do any Gay people adversely effect your life? Would you have said this if she were a heterosexual?
Would you have said this if she were disabled?
Would you have said if she were of a different ethnicity?
Would you have said this based on her religion? If the answer to the any of the last 4 questions is yes, then these type of comments are a violation of the Civil Rights Act. If the answer is no, that makes you pathetic and just plain evil.


So Jon pushed her over the edge with dealing with her homosexuality. Okay, I'm not buying that. I find it interesting that "famous" ppl all feel the need to come out in public. In most cases no one cares, secondly most of us already knew it (aka Ricky).


why is this random singer coming out such a big deal? because those fanny pack wearing jesus loving country fans have never seen, nor acknowledged a gay person before? probably


Who is this woman anyway and who the hell cares about her stupid sob story about being a carpet muncher. Maybe she should have pulled the trigger so that we don't have to read about her whiney ass.


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