Chely Wright Makes It Official: I'm Gay

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It's official: Chely Wright is gay.

The country music singer tells this week's issue of People: "Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out."

That moment has arrived, but Wright says it took awhile to get there. Growing up in the south (she was born in Kansas City, Missouri), the Academy of Country Music's Top New Female Vocalist in 1994 said she doesn't have "a memory in my life that doesn't include the dream of making music."

But she resided in a world that shunned homosexuality and, therefore, "hid everything for my music."

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Why come out now? The news coincides with the release of Wright's memoir this week Like Me, as well as her first album in five years, Lifted off the Ground.

Part of the official synopsis for the book reads that Wright made "a pact with God: to keep her "sinning" to a minimum if he'd get her to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry."

We're proud of her for finally revealing her true self to the world. What do you think of this announcement?


@for_real_tho: I am hating on your for your bigotry and lack of human decency. You're the one who comments on every Adam Lambert post and goes out of your way to bash gays at every opportunity.
I think you're a sad, pathetic example of someone that sits at home, surfs the Internet and comments as much as possible to feel holier than everyone else. You're taking Ms. Wright to task because she announced she was gay and because she prayed to God in a certain manner. How does that concern anyone else? Who cares??? What "bye" am I giving her? She didn't do anything to need a bye. You wanna judge people for how they choose to communicate with God and live their lives, when it has ZERO impact on you? Go right ahead. Based on your reaction to this and everything else you write on this site, you sound like a miserable human being. I'm very sorry for you.


BTW, you should blame youself for being a hypocrite, a two0faced are hating on my (even though you agree with me) because I am not "gay" is just stupid


Whjy in the hell are you so heel bent on playing the gay card??? Seriously, get over it....not everyone has a "gay vendetta"...if a gay person does a crappy thing, it is just as bad as when a straight person does special treatment for crappy gay people, get over it...stop giving her a bye because she has decided to say she is gay, at this time...and stop saying nobody should call this idiot and idiot, simply because she is "gay"....this is such a hypocritical accusation, and so typical of a liberal idiot


@for_real_tho: I completely agree that it's a silly way to speak to God... but you are absolutely fooling yourself if you think people don't make "pacts" all the time. "Dear God, let this person live and I'll never take a drink again..." or something like that. It happens ALL the time. You are just taking such a strong stance against this example because it involves a gay person.
You also utterly invented the concept that she'd somehow be MORE gay if God did not come through for her, as if this was a threat. But we agree that she's a messed up person. We just disagree on why. I blame intolerant people such as yourself.


BTW, I did not make this shit up, or spin it in any spin needed. Take off the blinders , fool


WTF do you think making a "pact with God" is based on?????? It is putting a condition on one's faith, idiot!! God does not grant wishes...especially when one is saying stupid crap like she will just sin a little bit, sometimes, if he gives her fame & fortune?!?! Do you not see how screwed up this is??? This has nothing to do with her "coming out" or being gay, you fool....this is about her "pact" making with God, as though he is some kind of fairy-wish grantor!!


@for_real_tho: Solid job putting your own spin on Wright's quote. Where does it say a word about "faith in God?" or come remotely close to being the ultimatum you concocted?
She wanted to succeed so badly in the music world that she made a pact saying she'd keep her homosexuality quiet if that would help her achieve her dream. That's light years away from the words you put into her mouth.
Shocking, meanwhile, that she would be so screwed up and confused when open-minded people such as yourself are so welcoming.


wow, she made her faith in God based on His meeting her demands or she would be "more" gay?1?!?!! I dont know what's worse, you idiots praising her for this stupidity or her actually doing & admitting to this stupid shit!! She is one screwed up chick...


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