Brittany Murphy's Mom Defends Simon Monjack

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Simon Monjack, who died Sunday in the Hollywood home he once shared with wife Brittany Murphy, had a heart condition and was due to have bypass surgery.

This according a rep for Murphy's mother, who also lost Brittany in December.

"I can tell you he was excited about what the future held in terms of the legacy of Brittany Murphy," publicist Roger Neal told reporters. "He looked fine to me."

Neal said he last saw Simon Monjack on Saturday, and used the opportunity to set the record straight: "As far as we know he passed away of natural causes."

Monjack was 40, not 39 as was previously reported, he said. Also, there is no indication that he died of an accidental drug overdose, as some reports suggest.

Simon and Brittany

R.I.P. Brittany and Simon married in 2007.

"He did have a heart condition [and] due for bypass heart surgery. What's been on TMZ I don't believe is correct at all; anything that they have intimated is not correct," Neal said. "He was a man full of life and a man excited about the future."

The accidental overdose theory was floated by the celebrity gossip site yesterday, just hours after Sharon Murphy discovered him unconscious in his bedroom.

Sadly and eerily, Sharon was the one who found her own daughter's lifeless body five months ago and made the dreaded 911 call to the paramedics afterward.

"It is a very sad day for Ms. Murphy," Neal said. "In less than six months she suffered a double loss. We are asking that the media be as respectful as possible."

"She's devastated. She's very strong. I don't know how you handle something like that. She is resting. Sharon loved Simon as a son. They were a close family."

The rep said Simon Monjack dreamed of carrying on his wife's legacy.

"Brittany's dream, as was Simon's, was to help children who want to learn to do ballet, sing, etcetera, who couldn't afford it. [He] would raise money for it."


Grow up people they are both gone from this world, and they are together i belived they truly loved one another. Let them rest in peace! Sharon lost to people she truly loued. So stop the gosip!


He died of a broken heart, leave him alone, you stupid people with youre assinine comments hollywood sucks like brittany murphys brother said hollywood sucks you in spits you out and destroys you i would never want to be in that shitty town of stuck up assholes what a shame i feel bad for brittanys mom god bless her i will say a prayer for her tonight,rest in piece brittany simon you are together now with god no more pain or hollywood bullshit.


"What becomes of a broken heart".


I Cannot believe that the MOTHER had anything to do with it Because She Owned it all anyway since Brittany WILLED IT TO HER.!!! AS For Simon, Who Gives A Sheet. Die Pucker.!!!


Sorry for the typos.I think I need a nap.


These nutty conspiracy have got to stop.Brittany's autopsy stated that she died from pneumonia with anemia and PRESCRIPTION drugs
playing a role.It is obvious that she should have been taken to the hospital before it was too late.To believe that she was murdered with her autopsy results publicly known is just crazy.
She probably didn't think she was that bad off.I don't know if Simon did himself in.It has been reported that he had a bad heart.
All the grief had had to bear may have finally caught up with his
bad health.I do believe that he loved Brittany and she loved him.
To think that Sharon killed them both is just nuts.Anyone who would let that thought cross their mind is insane!Please people
quit trying to connect this tragic event to some far-fetched CSI episode.


I am starting to think the mother did them both in. stand to get all the money and life insurance


Tortured soul mates on the same sinking raft. Sad.


Something doesn't seem right. I am starting to get the feeling that he murdered Brittany and then committed suicide. Sorry to put it like that but it's just too much of a coincidence.

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