Bret Michaels Expresses Shock, Thrill Over Celebrity Apprentice Title

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What a difference a month makes...

Bret Michaels went from his death bed in late April to the top of the board room last night, becoming the latest Celebrity Apprentice champion when Donald Trump "hired" the ailing rocker.

"I gotta tell you, I am so thrilled, I am beyond thrilled to have won," he told E! News at the show's after-party.

The Celebrity Apprentice

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Due to his recent stroke, of course, Michaels had to jet across the country in order to attend the finale, a decision that was NOT doctor-approved.

"We went back into the hospital again, they said, 'Listen, we don't advise that you fly, but if you wanna do it, here's what you need to do.' And I'm here, and I didn't want to miss this for the world. I'm ready to rock," he said.

As usual Donald Trump also chimed in with overflowing praise - but, for once, it wasn't for himself.

"Bret has been fantastic right from the beginning," Trump said. "He almost died a month ago, less than a month ago. He was a little bit shaky tonight, but in the end he came through like he always does."

That's what countless groupies have said.


good luck brett, we're all praying for you.


Bret: Congrat's Brother! For many things...Glad you're back with us and love the spirit! Keep-fighting,man! Though,you should go a little easier on the come-back---don't want anymore relapses or problems---alright,dude? Now that you're back with us again---how about you STAY Back with us,huh,brother?! Lol! Best wishes for you,and Congrat's again on your Win's(the main-one being,your fight for Life,hear?) Later,B';Hollywood...


Bret: Congrat's Brother! And I love the Spirit---keep fighting,Man! Glad to have you back,but please take-it a little easier--don't want anymore relapses or problems---alright,dude?! Now that you're back,how-about you STAY back with us,huh? LoL! Best wishes for you,brother,and congrat's again on your win's(the main one being your fight to live!) Later-on,B'; Hollywood...


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