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BTW....SHE DID NOT POSE FOR PLAYBOY, lol....you have her confused with Kelly B....she did pose nude in an ad campaign for PETA, but not a porn mag....Care to rethink YOUR opinion????


despite the desperation of the THG fools to dramatize and demean this otherwise wonderful event, good news is good....and when has it been "the right thing to do", to hide away your crowning achievement in life....when was it unpopular to be proud of your newborn??? NEVER!! So stupid, even if she did get paid for it...she has every right to want to share this news, shame on you dried up old maids for slamming her for it....


@Hsoo: "We are living in a world where everyone shares moments of their lives every opportunity they get, via facebook, their own websites, what not."
That's a major problem in and of itself. It contributes to an inflated sense of ego and self-worth for everyone.
You also said: "it's not as if she is posing nude for playboy for some lousy money."
SHE DID POSE FOR PLAYBOY! Care to take back your opinion now?

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