Bethenny Frankel Introduces Daughter to the World

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Let's just get this part over with:

In an ideal world, we'd never see a photo of Bethenny Frankel's daughter. This reality star would resist the urge to profit off her newborn, turning down offers to pose with her for national publications because that's just exploitive and wrong.

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That important point made, let's also face it: daughter Bryn Casey Hoppy is so gosh darn cute!

Frankel shows off the tyke in the latest issue of People, telling the magazine about her 30 hours in labor, eventual c-section and how Bryn "came out like a doll. It was amazing."

Bethenny says she and husband Jason Hoppy named their child after the latter's brother Bryan, who died in a car accident 19 years ago. When they told Jason's parents about it, “Jason’s mom was hysterical, crying. They couldn’t believe we kept it secret.”

Frankel describes Bryn as a "good baby" and adds:

“We’re so thankful and lucky to have a healthy baby. This is the new me now.”

It just wouldn't be Bethenny if she didn't conclude with a note about herself, would it?

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As far as Kendra goes, I know nothing about this women, (don't know anything about her sextapes etc, as she doesn't interest me at all) But isn't she a sex symbol who makes money by selling her body and sex to begin with? She was a sex partner to the playboy creator with other multiple women in his house? pleazeeee!


@Hsoo: We have facts to back us up. PETA spent over a million dollars to promote that Bethenny campaign. Meanwhile, it refused to help save Michael Vick's pitbulls because it deemed that cause to be too expensive. Do the math. Billboards do nothing for PETA. use that money to actually save animals.
I sincerely admire your innocent, naive point of view - but you simply assume anything said negatively about Bethenny or PETA is some baseless, cynical viewpoint. It's not. A company advertises its "brand" b/c it has something useful to sell. Frankel is selling her naked body and her child. that's the exact issue THG is calling her out for. Does she have a right to? sure. but not everyone is as blinded to her motives as you are.


@Hilton Hater/Frank. Again, people playing God, pretending to know what someone's INTENT is. I looked at someone posing for PETA as a win-win situation, someone sharing their public recognition for a good cause, while also expanding their own publicity. Hello? People like Bethenny has never lied about wanting to use a media platform to expand her brand. Are you going to start crucifing companies for advertising their brands, and sponsoring shows to expand their company images? Are you going to start criticizing Celebrities for showing up for anything now? Here (PETA) atleast we do see a glimpse of a "cause", stopping cruelty on animals. What "cause" does Playboy have? other than selling their integrity solely for monetary reasons? Other than the little window of glimpse people show by supporting a "cause" what base do you have in judging what these people's intentions are other than projectinging your own twisted scarcasm/thoughts into their actions.


@Hsoo: I wish I had your innocent mind. you probably think kendra didn't plan to release a sex tape, either, and is a victim in all this, huh?


@Hsoo: Was this a "happy moment" for Bethenny? I have no doubt. Her bank account grew by six figures as a result.
But if seeing the baby photos of a complete stranger, who is solely famous for being rich, spoiled and on TV is a "happy moment" for anyone else, that person must get her/his priorities in order.


@Hsoo: I assure you, I am not randomly picking on Bethenny. I've made the same comment about every single talentless celebrity that can only make money by exploiting their children: Kendra, Kourtney, Larry Birkhead, Tori Spelling.
You wanna pose your kid for a magazine? Do what Brangelina did: create a bidding war and then give all the profits to charity.


@frank, what your thoughts are, is a direct reflection of the person that you are. If you think that Bethenny "sold" her baby for sake of ratings and for money, calling her out for her motives, that's just a reflection of your thoughts and how your mind works. Unless you are God, no one knows someone's intention unless you are that person him/herself. Most people see no ill intent in someone wanting to share their happy moments with people who cares about her. If you are not interested, don't look, and don't waste your time spewing your scarcastic rant on something that is regarded as happy moments for others.


I take back my Playboy comment and appreciate the correction.
What a giant difference it makes that Bethenny posed naked for PETA instead, an organization that sacrifices the lives of animals in the name of publicity. It would be more admirable if Frankel DID pose for Playboy, at least that would be an honest admission that she was getting naked to make money, as opposed to aligning herself with a company that chooses headlines over the lives of animals.


@Hilton Hater, well if you have problem with people sharing their lives on facebook and whatnot, you have issue with the entire world, it's funny that you would randomly pick on this one incident, a celebration, where people are more than happy to reach out to everyone who cares to celebrate a happy occasion with. And Bethenny has NOT posed for playboy. You better get your facts straight, Hilton Hater, before criticizing others, especially if you want to be writing in a public forum like this! what a joke!


@for_real-tho: You truly think pride has a thing to do with Frankel posing for People? How I wish I were as ignorant and naive as you.
She had the baby for the sake of ratings and for money. It's cute that you'd think differently - and also utterly unrelated to her "rights." i always love that made-up defense of someone. Is anyone infringing on her "rights" in anyway? THG is just, properly, calling her out for her motives. That's this site's "right," too.