Bel Ami First Look: Robert Pattinson Gets Steamy with Uma Thurman

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As this exclusive look at Eclipse depicts, Edward and Bella spend some time in bed during this Twilight Saga installment.

But we have troubling news for Kristen Stewart: you aren't the only actress Robert Pattinson gets steamy with on screen.

Water for Elephants Shot

Protagonist Pictures has released a sexy still from its upcoming film, Bel Ami. It features Pattinson and his new leading lady, Uma Thurman. Fans of Bella and Edward might wanna turn away right about now...

Bel Ami won't hit theaters until 2011.

In it, Pattinson portrays Georges Duroy, a man who sleeps his way to the top in Paris and manipulates the city's most influential and wealthy women.

Thurman, meanwhile, plays Madeleine Forestier. She's one of the females fortunate enough to get seduced by Robert. Any reader out there wanna trade places with her?

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thank god you don't have to watch it then........ @louann,
At least we know that Kristen gets the real thing........Lol


two actors with absolutely no talent or charisma... this will be one awful movie.


No chemistry here.. KStew has nothing to worry about..


With the power of photoshop I'm sure many have traded places long ago.