American Idol Recap: Lee Shines, Casey Bombs

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Like Lindsay Lohan without a drink in her hand, or Kim Kardashian without the paparazzi around her, it's official:

Casey James is lost without his guitar.

The one-time favorite is in serious trouble of going home this week, following an abysmal rendition of "Blue Skies" on American Idol last night. Simon Cowell summed him up well, saying Casey wasn't "fantastic" and seemed awkward and embarrassed.

That's an understatement.

Who ruled the night? Lee DeWyze and Michael Lynche. We rank the Harry Connick Jr.-mentored performances below:

  1. DeWyze: Ellen said his take on "That's Life" would have won the whole thing for Lee if he sang it on the finale. That's a stretch, but it was definitely our favorite performance. We've heard all season that DeWyze has the most radio-ready voice and this did nothing to diminish that reputation.
  2. Lynche: Love him in the fedora. It's the perfect accessory for Big Mike. As usual, he connected with viewers by singing a classic love song, "The Way You Look Tonight."
  3. Crystal Bowersox: Eh, nothing special. But we did see a Siobhan-like side, as Crystal talked back to the judges and said she doesn't want to hit high notes simply because she's on American Idol. Might this anti-Idol attitude come back to bite the favorite? Could fans turn on her?
  4. Aaron Kelly: Not as bad as Casey, but nothing memorable, either. Really not top-five material, an opinion unchanged following "Fly Me to the Moon."
  5. James: The most in danger this week. Not very versatile and utterly confused about what to do without a guitar in his hands.

Who was your favorite? Who would you vote out tonight?

Big Mike, Big Singer
Literally Dressed Up
Looking Lost
Making Like Frank

It has to be LEE to WIN. He is the only one that I would buy his albums. I just can't stand Crystal, never have like her to listen too or look at. Just very ordinary and tacky.


come on people vote lee he is the only one that I could possibly listen to on the radio and remember his voice the others are forgetable yes even crystal who was my favorite is talking back to the judges to much.


Others have talked back to the judges besides Siobhan, to mixed reviews. Tim and Katie (twice) did well standing up for themselves. Casey about did himself in by not speaking up for himself three weeks back, just grinning stupidly and conveying he could care less one way or the other. The most arrogant and hostile talk-backs and body language have been by Big Mike, but not dwelled on by critics because he gets the minority pass. Siobhan responded 3 times. The 1st two were A+ responses. Heartfelt, bone-honest, articulate. The 3rd time she EVENTUALLY gave a very articulate defense of singing Mariah and Whitney, but the 40 seconds of Sibby's gears slipping on ice to get there was painful. But Magnus was always sweet and polite.
Crystal though, has come across as snippy and interruptive twice, and may be damaging herself more than Big Mike, Siobhan, Katie did with judges.


"Easily the best male remaining in the competition." what this clown, Hilton Hater, wrote about Casey James just one week ago. Does Hilton get paid to write this stuff? I hope not.


I to thought Crystal was great,she is doing exactly what was asked of her { show another side} then she gets beat down for it . Shame on the judges.Maybe they will get it right next week.


I thought Crystal's performance was simply beautiful. I kept thinking, "Wow! The judges will love this." They just really miss it sometimes. It wouldn't surprise me if they changed their minds upon watching it at home. I thought Big Mike and Casey were the least effective. I think the top three will be: Crystal, Lee, and Aaron. No matter what people think of Aaron's stage presence, he can sing.


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