American Idol Recap: Go Home, Casey James!

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We don't mean to be harsh with our headline. At least not too harsh.

But this lackluster season of American Idol can at least be redeemed by the fact that next week's finale will be one of the hardest to gauge in show history. If viewers do the right thing and vote out Casey James tonight, that is.

Kara's crush simply doesn't have the versatility needed come out on top. He underwhelmed last night with both "OK, It's Alright With Me" (his selection) and John Mayer's "Daughters" (the judge's choice for him) and deserves to be eliminated.

This would leave it to Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze, two finalists that should be neck-and-neck after their most recent performances.

DeWyze put on the best of the evening, and one of the best of the season, with "Hallejulah." He's been coming on strong over the last few weeks, while Crystal hasn't been able to match the magic of last month's "People Get Ready."

Below, we rank the six songs played throughout the hour:

  1. Lee DeWyze, Hallelujah
  2. Crystal Bowersox, Maybe I'm Amazed
  3. Lee DeWyze, Simple Man
  4. Crystal Bowersox, Come to My Window
  5. Casey James, Daughters
  6. Casey James, OK, It's Alright With Me

Which performance was your favorite? And is there any chance Casey upsets one of these two and advances to next week's finale?

Crystal at the Mic
Sorry, Casey

I also would like to add that Casey had the sweetest and most memorable sing - out of any Idol EVER. Singing with that little girl in his arms was just incredible. He is a class act. I started out hating this season and ended up becoming a Casey fan!


Casey James was the only Idol remaining that I had any interest in. He is as talented, or perhaps even more talented, than the remaining two. I read somewhere that Casey had never watched the show before. I believe it, because he would have picked a different song if he had. It has to be a WOW moment to get in the finals. I voted for him for 2 hrs. straight because I felt his previous performances warranted his place in the final 2. If he had done what he did with "Drowning on Dry Land", or "Blue Sky" on his hometown visit, I think he would have been the winner. Of course,Idol edited out his singing in the visit, because they had their minds made up already for Lee/Crystal showdown. I just hope someone gives this man a record deal. He is the only one out of this season that I will buy music from. I think he has STAR POWER that outshines the final 2.


May 18th's show was a travesty, in my opinion. The judges Kara and Randy's choice of song for Casey short-changed him for failure. It was sung well, but totally forgettable. On the other hand Simon's choice for Lee was fantastic. He couldn't do any better, and the judges couldn't have been more proud. What a blatant show of favoritism! I'm still pulling for Casey based on his sheer determination. One less show to follow in the coming months.....


He has been treated unfairly by the judges all season, and despite teir criticism, me has an AMAZING voice, and is drop-dead-gorgeous!
Lee has an okay voice, but is always pitchy, and crystal is fine, but she jsut needs to go sing songs in a coffee house
I would only buy Casey's albums!
Casey does not deserve to go home, although he will have a career either way.


Clearly Lee is the star of this year's bunch. Great voice. His 2 song were 2 of the best of the season. Crystal is likable and should do fine on the Lilith Fest circuit. Casey will be fine as a guitarist for some cover band in some random beer bar in the Texas dust. He could also play at prison rodeos. The judges were right on this week...finally. Buh-bye Casey.


The judges have messed this whole season up. Casey should have left a long time ago. Lee doesn't hold the audiences attention, and Crystal doesn't have the diversity. I don't care who wins.


Drowning On Dry Land was totally awesome, I agree!


I agree with the other to coments. I would buy Casey,s Album but not Lee,s, not to say he is not talented but there is just to much out there like him and its boring. I feel its time for some Blue,s and a little of Rock and Roll for the younger gang. They gave Casey and some of the other contestent,s a bad time. They ack like either of the judges knew nothing of what the other was doing, WELL who are they kidding.
LOOK AT THE OTHER AMERICAN IDOLS THAT HAVE WON.. I could name most of them and there doing nothing.
The ones that didnt win are doing much better.... and we all know who they are.


....and, for Casey to go home now would be the best thing for his career, cuz he is the only one with any type of future in the industry....good for him...


lee, not even comparable to Jason Castro's much better version, should change his name to old yeller, as his "vocals" are simply him shouting and yelling (BTW why dont you put up his recently released album, yes...he is the first contestant to release an album while is verrry crappy & really shows his "lack of skills", horrible reviews...) crystal is the 20- something grandma, her marketabiliy is non-existent....the season is a bust, forcing the judges to try their damndest to try to make it sensational.....they screwed it all up with their poor choices....


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