American Idol Recap: Go Home, Casey James!

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We don't mean to be harsh with our headline. At least not too harsh.

But this lackluster season of American Idol can at least be redeemed by the fact that next week's finale will be one of the hardest to gauge in show history. If viewers do the right thing and vote out Casey James tonight, that is.

Kara's crush simply doesn't have the versatility needed come out on top. He underwhelmed last night with both "OK, It's Alright With Me" (his selection) and John Mayer's "Daughters" (the judge's choice for him) and deserves to be eliminated.

This would leave it to Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze, two finalists that should be neck-and-neck after their most recent performances.

DeWyze put on the best of the evening, and one of the best of the season, with "Hallejulah." He's been coming on strong over the last few weeks, while Crystal hasn't been able to match the magic of last month's "People Get Ready."

Below, we rank the six songs played throughout the hour:

  1. Lee DeWyze, Hallelujah
  2. Crystal Bowersox, Maybe I'm Amazed
  3. Lee DeWyze, Simple Man
  4. Crystal Bowersox, Come to My Window
  5. Casey James, Daughters
  6. Casey James, OK, It's Alright With Me

Which performance was your favorite? And is there any chance Casey upsets one of these two and advances to next week's finale?

Crystal at the Mic
Sorry, Casey

You said it all. Casey was the only true artist this year and will
always be my American Idol....not Dewyze with his overgrown crew cut and dazed expression all the time. He reminded me of a deer on the highway staring into headlights. Sorry, you Lee lovers, but it's my honest opinion. I will buy all of Casey's CD's and none of Lee's. yech!! I felt like he'd been shoved down my throat after the finale last week. I got so tired of hearing him braying over and over that I turned my tv to another channel. I'm not sure I'll ever watch AI again and I'm sure I won't watch x factor
or whatever it is that SC's going to do.


Casey is a multi talented guy!Good luck to your career,i support you all the time,fan for a lifetime, I cant wait to buy all your CDs coming...From the Philippines


I hate your title. You got it all wrong America. The two finalists left have no international appeal. Sorry, you can't sell them outside America.


How about you go home and take a good listen at who Casey James really is as a musician then maybe you can come back and post an article with more sense. Writer's blank, I suppose.


MamaGardiner, you are right and I agreed what everything you have stated above. I m from australia and couldnot vote for him. Casey is a very talented musician and his humbleness made him a wonderful singer. I can only wish him well and can't wait to buy his first album.


This is the WORST article I've seen on this subject. Who wrote it? I wouldn't put a byline on it either!!


obvious--- You should ck out the websites when Casey was playing at the Keyes Lounge in his hometown---People should get a look at the true artist Casey James singing his heart out with depth and passion to some great rockin songs----he is so much more talented and a better singer even then you got to see on Idol. Wish they could of sung more of their own type of songs----He truly is an awesome singer--- I truly believe the last 2 weeks Casey has picked boring songs on purpose to let his 2 idol friends take the top two spots---because he already has record deals going on for himself. Let's face it Lee and Crystal are really great singers as well--- but great singers that are average looking people are a dime a dozen in the recording business. Lee and Crystal need the IDOL win to help them make it in this business---Casey dosn't. He is a star and heart throb recording artist waiting to happen- Millions of us are just waiting for his CD to come out!!!


Casey is wonderful * an awesome entertainer, great musician, kind and loving spirit and that incredibly handsome face. Casey has fans from all over the world now, Ireland, Brazil, Phillipines, India, Central America. Unfortunately they could not vote. Casey will do very well in his future. And I'm not from Texas either.

Avatar's NOT just the ladies in Texas who love Casey!!!!! It's ladies EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! And he is way to shy and classy to sign any "body" parts!!!!! LOL! WOW, HE IS SOOOOOO HOT!!!


Casey may not be the "winner", but Idol and 19E need to sign this guy immediately. If they don't they are making a big mistake, because I think he could be the best selling artist out of season 9. Dudes got mega-talent!


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