Alicia Keys: Pregnant! Engaged to Swizz Beatz!

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Looks like Alicia Keys is in a baby - and wedding - state of mind.

After much speculation, the Grammy-winning songbird's rep confirms that she's pregnant with her and producer Swizz Beatz's first child - and engaged!

The couple will get married later this year.

This is the first child for 29-year-old Keys, while Swizz Beatz, 31, has two sons from previous relationships. The couple has been together for years.

Keys' current four-month-long Freedom Tour wraps up on June 4. She'll also perform at the Fifa World Cup's kickoff concert June 10 in South Africa.

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are getting married! Nice!

Reports first surfaced that Alicia Keys was engaged to Swizz Beatz back in January, but were not confirmed. Looks like that was true - well it is now!

Congratulations to the happy couple!


This whole situation is going to be a disaster. Cheaters never change and she will have to find out the hard way!


i didnt realise she had fooled around with him whilst he was still with his wife!! what song does she sing about it so i can bring up the lyrics? thanks


i feel sorry for alicia karma is a mother she broke that family up and everybody is wishing happiness for happy couple he is still marry to his wife she have no choice but to move on and he is marrying alicia because she is pregant and in the lime light watch what happen what goes around come around alicia did not do this right and she is so disrespect she is singing about what she did to this family she is not a role model for young girls she sending message that it alright to breakup a marriage this is not good at all because everyone like alicia they feel she deserve happiness well what happen to his wife of 5 years all 5 wasn't bad if he is in love with alicia the singer their is a difference


she broke home up right is right and wrong is wrong stop sugarcoating this shitthis man introduce his wife to his mistress alicia is his mistress he is the marriage man she been going with that is why she have a hit she is sinding about going to sleep with a broken heart and ask me because she is ready when it first came out about her fooling with a married man she got so much negtativefeed back till she had to keep it quite so now everybody is wishing happiness for the happy couple and still disrespecting his wife and his chrildren like he just was going


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I want to say this. We as people are not perfect. And we dont have the right to judge but we do. As for loving someone, we cant control who we love. And we dont know what was going on behind the doors of swizz household. To us it seems like Alicia stole swizz. But it must wasnt to much of a challenge if that is the case. Life is to short to ponit fingers. I still love A Keys. Just be happy..

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