Ali Fedotowsky and Vienna Girardi: It's All Good!

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The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky, whose season premiered last night, says she's no longer feuding with nemesis Vienna Girardi. All together now ... Phew.

Chris Harrison, the show's pimp-in-chief, confirmed the hatchet burying at Dancing With the Stars (which aired right after The Bachelorette season premiere).

The two ladies, who famously clashed on The Bachelor while in competition for Jake Pavelka, even "hugged each other and, said 'Hi,'" back stage at the taping.

"That's one of the ways Ali has grown as a person," Chris said.

What, by not being a completely catty b!tch? Great job, Ali!

Bachelorette Ali
Vienna Girardi Topless

The Bachelorette star Ali, left, and The Bachelor winner Vienna ... yeah.

Back in the day, Ali Fedotowsky would call out Vienna Girardi for, among other things, bragging that she'd "shake her boobs in Jake's face," but not any longer.

"[Ali] regretted some of that," Harrison added. "I get it. Look, in the heat of the moment, on the show, you say some things, you regret certain things, there are things you look back and might not do and that was one of them. She apologized for that."

Fedotowsky is "so happy for Jake," Harrison went on about the new star. "She realizes now that it wasn't meant to be, she wasn't supposed to be with Jake."

Harrison said he thinks Vienna Girardi got a bad rap as the villain on the show, and that anyone writing her off is presumptuous. Can't we all just get along?

Apparently we can/ Jake Pavelka even posted a pic on Facebook of him, his fiancee and Ali. Oh, how times change (click here to be THG's Facebook friend).


Ok so I have an issue with the pictures that were used. Ali's picture is from the Bachelor, while Vienna's is from a couple of years back when she was doing modelling. Yes, they aren't exactly the most tasteful pictures but they do not comment on who she is. Any good writer/editor would know that. Sorry Hollywood Gossip and the no-name writer but that definately is not right.


I agree with BreAnn. As soon as Ali started the "hate train" for Vienna, I wondered who the real Ali was/is. But, what really took the cake was in the San Fran episode when she said she threw up in her mouth when she thought she had to go on a 2-on-1 date with Vienna. IMO, that showed no class and was just downright rude. Ali may come across on the 'Ette as sugary sweet, but we have all seen the catty side of Ali. Who is the real Ali? Hmmmm...


i wish Ali or Tenley would have been Jake's pick. Ali definitely wasn't the only one who disliked Vienna, i think its better that Ali's the Bachelorette, there's so much pressure on that show its ridiculous. im on team ali all the way! Go find true love girl.


Hmmm....anyone with two ounces of brains could see why Ali had such a great dislike for sausage girl, Vienna.....Ali has class and a personality, a sense of humor and is fun. Vienna? Well, she is just as boring and nasty as she always was...needs to go back to gator land and take Jake, the fake, and flake with her. She does deserve Jake......Ali and Tenley out class Vienna and Jake !


Ali may be sorry about what she did to Vienna or maybe she is just saying that for her own sake. But for whatever reason it may be, that first impression she gave the public of her was very bad. She showed herself as having no class. She hated Vienna and for what? People can forgive but they don't forget. Who is the real Ali? I wonder how fake she may be?

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