Vienna Girardi: Inconsolable, Devastated By Jake Pavelka's Dancing with the Stars Elimination

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We know it's hard to say goodbye, but Jake Pavelka and his fiancee, Vienna Girardi, may be taking his Dancing with the Stars elimination a little hard.

The future spouses didn't cope so well after The Bachelor star was sent packing last night, a fitting result after he stumbled during his samba Monday.

Before the show even aired, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi reportedly huddled together, held hands and prayed. Sadly, God did not come through.

When his name was called, he and Girardi looked devastated. Pavelka mouthed to her, "It's OK." But it really wasn't. He soon broke down in tears.

After Pavelka cried through his farewell speech, he eventually made his way over to his fiancee, whom he called "beautiful" in his closing remarks.

Vienna G. Pic
Jake Looking Like Jake

WOMEN OF JAKE PAVELKA: Vienna Girardi was not pleased at his elimination from Dancing with the Stars Tuesday, when he and partner Chelsie Hightower got axed.

The two looked absolutely "miserable, depressed and inconsolable" as they hugged and chatted when the DWTS cameras went off, witnesses say.

Deena Katz, the head producer/director, even walked over to comfort Jake Pavelka. Even that was not enough to comfort the downtrodden pilot.

"Well guys, I did everything I could," he Twittered later that night. "Layed [sic] it all out there on the dance floor. I'm pretty bumbed [sic]... :("


Interestingly, Pavelka and his pro partner, Chelsie Hightower, parted ways immediately after cameras stopped rolling, hardly appearing like the best friend Pavelka gushed about on stage. Hmm. Perhaps V was getting a little jealous?


Good riddance Fake Jake -- get lost and take your trailer park trash with you!


Once Jake made his preferences known (Vienna) he lost a huge fan base. Looks are deceiving but his big smile wasn't enough to fool the viewers. Vienna's background hurt him - only 25% liked his choice.


All Jake and Vienna are going to miss are the CAMERAS!!!!


fake rhymes with ????


Hey Dee - I appreciate hearing a positive comment for once. No one knows the future, and maybe I'm just not cynical enough, but I'd actually like to believe that those two are the real deal and that they will be happy together. Call me an optimist!


I hope those two people who left comments feel better for being so nasty! Why don't you keep your idiotic comments to youself and get a life. Of course you get close to a person when you're forced to be with them for hours every day. Vienna, you were my choice from the very beginning. You seem suited to Jake's lifestyle and I hope the two of you will be very happy together and ignore the ill-meaning people who have nothing better to do than to trash people.


jake and vienna i hope we all don"t see the both of you again


According to the photo above Jake seemed to like his dance partner a lot! PS - Hopefully this boring and annoyingly fake guy goes far far away and we don't hear back from him until the divorce.

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