Usher Performs on American Idol; Fans Lose Collective $h!t Over Justin Bieber Taping

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Wednesday night's American Idol not only featured the elimination of Didi Benami, but a performance from Usher and a cameo by Justin Bieber himself.

Bieber stopped by to support his mentor Usher, who also coached the Idol aspirants this week, but also to tape his upcoming "Idol Gives Back" segment.

Naturally, this being Justin Bieber, he caused flat-out pandemonium.

After he was done, a 'tween fan rushed the stage, prompting security to intervene with a secure bear hug before she could present herself to J-Biebs.

Speaking of crazed fans, more than a few 13-year-old girls were so excited when Bieber came out to tape "Idol Gives Back" that they started crying.

Leave it to protege Bieber to upstage mentor Usher ...

Usher on Idol

OMG: Usher performs on American Idol.

After a lengthy process of getting him to the point where he could actually perform without the stage being ambushed, things went according to plan.

Finally, Justin Bieber, who now boasts the #1 album in the U.S. as well as some amazing hair, took to the stage and performed "U Smile and "Baby."

When this performance actually airs on the Fox show's annual "Idol Gives Back" special, we strongly suggest you find a hat and hold the f*%k onto it.

For now, follow the jump to see him introduce his homeboy mentor Usher, who proceeded to rock the house, OMG style, with special guest ...


my comments pertain to Usher's performance by the way


It was disgusting and we wonder why our kids have so many problems. The song was almost entirely about t and a and had absolutely no class.


Usher is back doing his thing. Excellent performance,he shut the place down. Yes, I agree that the some of the lyrics was little no no because children watches and love american idol but other than that he was back on top. Keep doing your thing Usher. Please find your true love and you know who that is. She's very enchanting and that is Chilli Rozonda Thomas. You guys will not be complete until you find each other again.


This guy is screaming "I am Gay!"


Just shut up! I agree with rosie that Usher's performance was phenomenal. People please stop looking for negativity and give me a break. Do you people say anything when Brittany Spears and Beyonce is naked on the stage dancing like sex slaves? Come on this is entertainment and your television does have an off button! Usher is back and doing a wonderful job and I am happy to see him performing again. Usher baby keep doing what you are doing and let the haters continue to entertain each other.


Considering the number of younger fans in the audience, I felt Ushers lyrics and choreography were NOT "family friendly". That performance would have been wonderful in concert with no one under 17. Also, can anyone tell me if that was Will.I.Am that put in an appearance with Usher?


I totally agree with Disgusting Dance. The choreography was way beyond suggestive. Is it my age or my values???


Ushers dance and stripper female dancers were Disgusting!


I tuned in too late to see J-Biebs' performance but since I'm 59 years old, he's not that relevant to me. I have seen him perform though and think he is teriffic. He's extemely sweet, has a great speaking and singing voice. I did see Usher's performance, and I thought it was phenomenal. The reports on Usher's performance which I've read didn't, in my opinion, give him the credit he deserves for last night's performance. It reminded me of Michael Jackson, who I understand is Usher idol. Go Usher go!

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