Tiki Barber: Parading Around with Mistress, Sued For Divorce By Pregnant Wife on Bed Rest

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Former NFL star Tiki Barber is being sued for divorce by wife Ginny Barber. At the center of the divorce drama? His affair with Traci Lynn Johnson.

After running around town with his young mistress while his pregnant wife spent a week in the hospital, one would have to say Tiki deserves it.

The ex-New York Giants star was slapped with divorce papers over his shameless gallivanting with Traci Lynn Johnson, a 23-year-old NBC intern.

"He couldn't be more heartless," said a friend of his eight-months-pregnant wife, Ginny, whose Manhattan divorce suit cites Barber's "adultery."

"[Ginny] is very heavily pregnant and was last week ordered into the hospital on bed rest," the friend said. "Meanwhile, Tiki has been spotted all over town with his new girlfriend while she was in the hospital."

"He was at the NFL draft and out dining with Traci."

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With the mother of his two children on bed rest while pregnant with their third and fourth, Tiki Barber has been parading around with Traci Lynn Johnson. Class act.

Moreover, Tiki is reportedly shacking up with Johnson in a Midtown love nest.

Ducking out of that apartment and into his car, Tiki refused to answer questions and only flashed a grin when asked whether he had spoken with his wife.

On top of the cheating, Ginny Barber is also outraged that Tiki has been low-balling her in out-of-court negotiations over financial support, a friend said.

The family friend said: "It's been an emotional time for her, and she is, of course, worried about the health of her unborn twins. It's a lot to deal with."

Sources say his and Traci's torrid romance was a two-year-long affair beginning long before Ginny, a former fashion publicist, got pregnant with twins last summer.

A source told The N.Y. Post that the Today show has booted Tiki as a correspondent amid fallout from the scandal. NBC and Tiki refused comment.


PIG !!!!!! nothing else says it better.


If his girlfriend decides to play Leanne Rhimes with his kids, it will be even more revolting. Sometimes playing nicey nice with new girlfriends/ex-husbands is just too much - especially in the case of the twins who she should have no part of. Actually, though, it would serve her right if she eventually had to look after four kids, make school lunches, do it all. There is more to raising kids than paying support and seeing kids occasionally - and more to being with an ex-husband/father than spending time alone, dining out alone, etc.


She was stupid to get together with him in the first place.


Just another over inflated ego who believes in his sense of entitlement and the rules of life do not apply to him. One more douche bag to join the likes of tiger woods, jesse james, jon gosselin etc...


Tiki is a dirt bag and should get what he deserves. A classy guy running around on his pregnant wife. I truly hope it's true that the Today show FIRED him. He's a wash up in all respects.