Tiger and Elin Woods: It's Totally Getting Worse

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He got off to a terrific start yesterday with a four-under par round of 68. But is Tiger Woods' Masters return coming at the expense of his marriage?

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    To joetheplumber (April 10th, 2010 3:40 PM),

    I hope you're a better plumber than reader. What don't you comprehend about Tiger's adultery? This is not a race issue, pinhead!


    to make it work . you forgive, make changes and MOVE ON. she cannot expect him to be her whip man everyday for the rest of his life and still have her respect him as a man. no one wins in that situtation,especially the children. get back to normal, love each other,make changes, not revenge. if she can't do that....leave.


    Booty on Tiger!


    why is elin still married to this prick? how many more woman does she need to be convinced her husband is a scumbag and will never change. his marriage is on the rocks and hes back on the playing field like nothing has happened, you would think he would concentrate solely on mending his marriage with elin first and spending time helping with the kids. staying with tiger cos of the kids is a joke! shes fooling herself and proberly needs tiger to cheat somemore before it sinks into her blonde head that shes wasting her time.


    Tiger Woods said he is deeply regretting the hurt and damage he has caused his wife and children with his selfish, reckless and sinful behavior. It has been reported also that Tiger has pleaded and begged Elin not to leave him. Although, Tiger said he is making amendments, I think it may be too late for Tiger to save his marriage and family. If Tiger looses Elin and the children, he may regret it for the rest of his life because a family is a true treasure. The trust, love and respect of your dear ones are priceless. I hope that whatever Elin decides to do work the best for her and her precious children.


    The Republican politicians didn't get the Tiger Woods treatment from the media. John McCain anyone? Not to mention those sick "Catholic Priest". I guess it was the DEVIL in them that made them do it.

    TIGER IS A BETTER ROLE MODEL THAN Roethlisberger (or the Rooney's for keeping him “THE POPE” OR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. ONE PRIEST MOLESTED 200 BOYS!!!!!! GOD DAMN!!!!!

    It's called media racism. Have you noticed you never ever ever hear anything bad about hockey players even though they beat the hell out of each other on the ice. They all go home and just eat cookies and drink milk according to the media.

    He’s a golfer for Christ sakes. Why do we expect our athletes to show such high values – but they aren’t required by our politicians or religious leaders.


    I start doubting the comments that most of these sites put out.
    Especially, when it is stated that Elin won't put out yet. Were you in her house or under her bed? Also comments are made that Kate Gosselin's partner hopes to get rid of her soon. I find another comment that states he never said that. Who are we to believe? I will quit reading any criticism about celebrites until they, themselves, tell us the truth or that it is none of our business. MD


    I totally agree... stay in your marraige work it out & take care of your man



    Both Tiger and Elin are not commenting to anyone regarding what is happening in their private lives. Where did you get the information that you are posting on this website?


    I went throught the same thing Elin and Sandra Bullock went through, and ended up raising 4 children on my own. Why not leave Elin alone,this is between her and Tiger, it is there marriage and there life. Her heart will tell her what to do, think about it at least she will have alot of support and help, where a woman like me had none!

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