Tiger and Elin Woods Go on Vacation ... Separately

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As he said he would last night after completing his final round of golf Sunday, Tiger Woods flew out of Orlando for a little vacation Monday with his kids.

Not coming? Elin Woods, who was also MIA at The Masters.

Elin Nordegren Smiles

Tiger and his wife are not meeting up and are far away from each other at the moment, as Elin reportedly flew out of Orlando by herself Sunday night.

She reportedly flew to Scottsdale, Arizona, leaving the couple’s two children in the care of nannies. Tiger took off early today with Sam and Charlie.

He said after his golfing return that he was going to take another break, but left unsaid was that he and Elin Woods would be taking separate vacations.

Tiger and Elin Woods continue to struggle with their marriage.

It isn't all because Elin won't put out or hates his guts. People reported today that she went to visit her ailing mother who is undergoing private treatment.

However, other sources say that Elin planned this trip a while ago and that when she's finished, she is planning yet another trip away from Tiger Woods.

“Elin is not meeting up with Tiger,” a source said.

Elin has grown increasingly cold toward Tiger and things are totally getting worse since he returned to golf. Mrs. Woods has not moved back in with him.

Still, she hasn’t given up on the marriage ... yet.

She continues to take things slowly, exert independence and proceed one day at a time. What do you think Tiger's wife should do?


My Message to Donald Trump
Did Tiger Wood tell you that their marriage is over?. How can you hostley belive this e-news Elin divorce filing triggered due to a cheesy Nike ad ? and Tiger Wood's return to golf. My friend the best place to listen to the news is the BBC, and CNN


I am so happy when i saw the country I am longing to go and leave and work for the people of great Germany.


No need to speculate on this one. The marriage vows have been so obliterated that there is truly no reparations for this one. I hope each and everyone involved can find happiness. Especially the little ones.


it is too bad that the kids are involved in this mess that their daddy made,they are the ones people should feel sorry for. how can this woman stay married to a man that brings his tramps into his house that he shares with his wife and children. that is so disrespectable,it stinks.


I think that Tiger does not love her. I notice it on their body language how he is always looking away from her, with his arms crossed or just distant. So I think that he is graciously accepting her being upset and leaving him. He is probably planning who to f* next. He is not marriage material and will play with women for the rest of his life. Glad she is moving on. Before she knows it, she'll meet a good respectable man that will take good care of her and most importantly - love her.


Dont forget that this man is a celebrity a lot of woman will go after your man. Please don't destroy your family every body makes mistake. Think before your make the wrong decision.


Yeah, we cannot blame him in that case then if the door has been closed for him to repair the marriage then the option of being buried to work and golf is the best alternative. Maybe Rachel Uchitel will be lucky then as she is the only one who not really open to the public much. But I hope Tiger will not be hooking with these types of women, but can men really control their sex drives? I think it would be tough journey for him. I just hope ELin will change her mind and not give up totally as there is really hope for people to change if she just let him. Work should never be taken as part of something she should be jealous about. Just imagine all the soldiers who are away. Does it mean that they need to quit their jobs because they have to work on their marriage? Maybe some will, but what if that is your source of living? Tiger is good in golf, does he have to do something else? He just need to change and work on the marriage with ELin. Its really sad though!


Hi Allysa: I am suspecting their marriage may really ends... As to why I think so, I just learnt from e-news that following US Masters last week in addition to signing up for US Open in Jun 14-20, Tiger has just signed up for Quail Hollow Championship in Apr 26 to May 2... Like some people when encountered spouse's death or divorce will try to just work, work, work... I am waiting on the sideline to see if he will sign up any more golf tournament in between May 2 to Jun 14, if yes, then it is true telltale sign that he is burying himself in golf because he has no more marriage to save...Let's see !


What on earth is happening .. divorce filing triggered due to a cheesy Nike ad ? divorce filing triggered due to superstar husband returning back to his game ? Is this little girl complaining for something fancy ? It shocked me reading lots of e-news these few days all "promoting" the hup of their divorce followed by more magnification of whether Tiger will discontinue other golf tournaments eg Ryder Cup ? I am increasingly suspecting some groups of people want to prevent Tiger back to the game smoothly, so they are bashing "Tiger's return to golf too early antagonising Elin to file a divorce" etc etc ... Somehow somewhere I have the uncomfortable sense of someone brewing negative e-news so as to make things difficult for Tiger to return to golf... What do others think ? Do you sense media/people bashing such to make Tiger's return to golf difficult ?


I hope they will survive these tests. May God be in their hearts and not listen to the negative forces. Yeah true: people treasure their family more as they grow older.. But do they have to learn like that as they grow old? If Elin will get a white man? Do you think this man will love the kids of Tiger as much as Tiger can? He won't! If Tiger gets Rachel Uchitel? Do you think she will love these kids as much as Elin can? Of course not too!
Hope Tiger and Elin will think wisely and put their family first as there is no more greater treasure here on earth than a family who loves you without any conditions. God be with them

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