The Hills: The Most Unforgettable Moments

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The Hills returns tonight for its final season ... most likely. It could be extended a bit. Regardless, here's a look back at some moments that defined its first five:

FORGET PARIS: In the first season finale, Lauren Conrad made a brutal mistake that would haunt her for two more years, choosing to spend the summer with tool Jason Wahler over accompanying Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love to Paris.


Fortunately, Whitney Port stepped in and fast-tracked her fashion career. Not that LC is hurting for cash, or boyfriends. Kyle Howard's a big upgrade over J-Wahl.

FALLING DOWN: As a Teen Vogue intern, Whitney endeared herself to millions after what could have been her worst moment, falling on stage after Vogue tapped her to model Hilary Swank's Oscar gown on Good Morning America.

The way she composed herself and handled the embarrassment with grace and dignity only impressed the higher-ups more, though (sorry to rehash this, Whit).

Two prominent former loves of Lauren Conrad.

THE LC SEX TAPE: It did not exist, but boy, did it spark a lot of celebrity gossip. Spencer Pratt (and in turn, THG) got so much mileage out of this twisted rumor.

BABY MAMA DRAMA: More than once, Heidi Montag has effed with Spencer regarding pregnancy. All a big hoax to watch him squirm? We're all for it even if so.

KISSING BRODY J: Everybody does it at some point, but Lauren and he had such chemistry. Still, despite the Las Vegas birthday hookup, Brody Jenner and Conrad determined they work better as friends, which they've remained since.


WORSE THAN HEIDI: LC accused Audrina Patridge of insinuating she hooked up with Justin-Bobby - and that Audzo is worse than Heidi Montag as a result.

A shot from Heidi and Spencer's wedding - the non-staged version.

CAREER EVOLUTION: The show began with a focus on young women and careers in L.A., then became about quasi-celebs whose careers were being on The Hills.

THE WEDDING: Heidi and Spencer's wedding had something old, new, borrowed and even blue ... the dresses worn by both Lauren Conrad and her old nemesis, Kristin Cavallari, who replaced her as the star of the show. Cold, MTV. Cold.

F*%KING PIRANHAS: Kristin didn't wait long to stir up trouble, calling out Audrina and Stephanie Pratt and declaring "you f*%ked with the WRONG girl."

GROSS LOVE TRIANGLE: On a list of things we didn't need to spend a full season watching, Kristin and Audrina fighting over Justin-Bobby would be tops.


It's great watching The Hills now because of two reasons. Number one, LC is off and grazing at every buffet on the West Coast and the fact that Spencer is on the show. He appears to be what men would like to be but can't become. With Spencer and Very Beautiful Heidi on the show, it makes for an enjoyable half hour of drama in Hollywood.


I'd never watched the hills untill last week just never fancied it! Now i'm hooked....I feel so sorry for heidi (im only as far as season 3 and watched all them episodes in 3 days haha. so ive not yet seen heidi with her plastic surgery) Spencer is awful!!! Why she puts up with him is beyond me! I love love love lauren she's a great friend, a good laugh and very loyal.....I love the hills haha......oh and broody mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....yes please!


Its a really good show but it needs to go longer then half an hour in my opinion
but weell done mtv


The show was absolutely THE BEST EVER !! The Hill;s is funny sad intense everything and now its totally real.. Great Job MTV LOVE IT, The cast is super, so good to see them friends.


I've watched since Laguna Beach, and I need to see how this will all end. I really hope that Lauren comes back and slaps the plastic off Heidi's face and knocks some sort of sense in her.

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