The Hills Cast: Destroyed By Fame!

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Drugs. Feuds. Violent outbursts. Unnecessary plastic surgery.

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    Who gives a shit about these people. They don't give a fuck about you. Find something to do with your time rather than talking about these useless hollyweird fucks.


    These two are KOOKOO for COCCAPUFFS... I really they have lost there minds.First off, she looks like a plastic nightmare and he has some anger issues. And want kind of bimbo says with an jerk and says her mom is "just a vigina" on national TV. I would never in a million years say with someone who is so disrespectful of my family. Someone needs to lock these two up in the looney bin and bring them back to earth. They have lost their minds........


    Tami -- Yeah, that POOR, POOR girl Heidi who got rich by doing absolutely nothing and is swimming in millions of dollars. How about us average folk, who are making an honest living and trying to get by in this horrible economy? I find it so funny how people feel sorry for these rich, spoiled bitches!


    she obviously has issues that should be dealt with by a shrink and not in front of the world via reality tv. give it up heidi and get AWAY from that looser pratt. You were a shiny bright star with your own cute personality and ambitions before you met him... sorry!


    What else was going to happen to these idiots?


    I find it really sad that the whole world seems to be out to put down Heidi Montag. Yes she had a lot of plastic surgery but come on people, let it go. That poor girl I am sure feels very alone and I would hate for the publics negative remarks push her over the edge. I agree she was beautiful before and like she said her self what is done is done. The only person who has a real reason to be upset is her mother. I am sure her mother is hurt that her daughter now does not look like her anymore and I bet that is heart breaking, but again what is done is done. Besides if her mother has come to ends with it then the rest of the world should as well. On a personal note: Heidi if you ever need a true friend, remember God is always there, he is the only one who can judge you. Don't let these stupid people bring you down. May God bless you always. Thanks, Tami

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