Susan Boyle to Release Autobiography

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Books are all the rage in Hollywood; some dumb, some REALLY dumb, and at least one hopefully inspiring.

Earlier today, we announced that the Kardashian sisters are planning a relationship-themed tome. Insert your own joke now.

Kelly LeBrock, the ex-wife of shady actor Steven Seagal, also plans to exploit her husband's alleged seedy side by penning a biography about the father of her three kids. How charming.

But Susan Boyle is here to rescue us from all this inappropriate madness. She'll tell her own story in The Woman I was Born to Be, a true autobiography due this fall.

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”I think I’ve grown up a lot in the last year, become more of a lady, and I’m not so frightened anymore," she said, adding:

“I’m writing this book to try to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and I hope it will benefit other people. My story demonstrates that you shouldn’t just look at the label, you should look at the whole person, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually, and I hope that telling it will show that dreams are not impossible, if you’ve got courage and a willingness to go on no matter what the circumstances.”

Amen, SuBo! Will you purchase her self-written tale?

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It's good to know that Susan and (her cat) Pebbles can Now afford the good life. You Go Girl!!!


I would wait in line for a long time to get a signed copy. However I'll be on the pre-order list ASAP. In the mean time I'll continue to listen to this amazing voice daily and anticipate that sometime I'll get to see her in person.


You betcha I'll buy it!! I'm just waiting to be able to pre order from Amazon. This will be a story of courage, determination, faith, and an incredible talent. Truly the epitome of "inspiring".


I can't wait to read all about her times serving children food in the school cafeteria. I also would love to read about her experience on the set of "Throw Momma from the Train" and "Goonies".


Absolutely, I'll buy her book ~ multiple copies. I'm standing in line for her 2nd album, too.


she's gorgeous and down to earth...a real role model who has real talent


Susan is the best. I love her voice


Thanks THG, for the update on Susan.
Yes,her autobiography would be included in my library.
Susan is No Plain Jane.It was meant for the world to find out about this wonderful talent.I've said it before,I love Susan and her music.


I love how you put "get this look" in for Susan. I think I have this out fit.


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