Spencer Pratt Kalls Out Kim Kardashian

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The shark fin is in the water ... the Great White is hungry for celeb MEAT.

So Spencer Pratt proclaimed this morning. We'd say the guy needs to get a hobby instead of talking smack on Twitter all day, but who are we kidding.

He makes life more entertaining, and calls it like it is. Two weeks ago, we saw Kim Kardashian nude in Harper's Bazaar, embracing her "all natural" body.

BS, says Spencer. He Tweets:

"Kim K how am I supposed to believe that about you be all natural ... when I know who your doctor is? On your tv show u said u were ... HUGE LIAR!"

"Kim K - difference between posing and being a poser! Maybe Reggie found out you were both? Ouch ! How was euro hoe u flew to bang?"

Tha Great White
Kim Kard

USELESS vs. USELESS: Spencer seeks to knock Kim down a peg.

Cheap Cristiano Ronaldo shot aside, we see where The Hills star comes from. If nothing else, Heidi Montag is unabashedly who she is ... unlike hypokrite Kim.

Naturally, this being Spencer Pratt. He did not single out Kim alone today. The man is an equal opportunity trash-talker. Other Tweets from the man today:

  • On Hayden Panettiere's new haircut: New home tree barber cut her hair.
  • On Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay don't tweet sh!t and snort sh!t @ same time
  • On Lindsay again: Fired from her upcoming role ... a role on Jerry Springer?
  • On Samantha Ronson: Sam Ronman the conman... You used Lindsay LOANED like cheap toilet paper. YES DUH Lindsay LOANED is an angry human. Lindsay does not eat pu$$y for nothing!

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.


Let's tell the truth here: Spencer Pratt is a lazy, unattractive, jealous idiot. He can't make it on his own because he has nothing to offer of value to the celeb world, and is just jealous of Kim's success no matter how she attained it.


spencer is such a loser. why anything trash out of his mouth is put down on paper is beyond me. why does anyone listen to this want-a-be-has-been? kim is beautiful, the kardashians are all beautiful lookers. who cares if anyone has had plastic surgery. spencer you should go to heidi's doctor and get a complete makeover including your mouth. you are the uglist human being out there right now and your family should be ashamed of you. your hills assocation is coming to a end so maybe this is why your so desperate to get yourself in the news with such garbage but it's all for not loser. nothing you say or do will keep anyone interested in you much longer. so give it up and go away and stop bad mouthing others who have worked hard to get where they are today, unlike yourself.


i think he neeeds to shut the hell up about kim and take care of his plaict wife of his


There is even a YouTube video of some of the MANY men that have had sex with Kim and moved on. Some of these men include Evan Ross, Marquis Houston, The Game, Fabolous, Diddy, Scott Storch, Nick Lachey, Kanye West, Nick Cannon, Ray J, Reggie Bush, and TONS of others. The tragic thing is that the video is set to the Ludacris song, "You's a h0!" [shaking my head].


I think peple bash Kim for the way she became famous, the way she continues to leak fake stories to the press and constanly seeks media attention to stay relevant. I think she is gorgeous but also believe she leaked her sex tape to become famous. J.lo has a sex tape with her ex hubby and she stopped that from being released. Plus on the Kardashian show Kim's sister has some sexy photo's that somebody tried to leak out and they called in the police or somebody to stop them from being leaked question being why didn't they do that 4 Kim's tape?


I don't get why people bash Kim. The girl gets on with her own life and doesn't seem to care what so and so is doing. What's wrong with loving yourself these days too. She seems to appreciate the life she has and the people in it. She does seem that dumb and as pathetic as wannabe celebs say, I don't know Speidi. It's very clear by watching "Keeping up withe the Kardashian's" that she's been working since being in her teens and knows how to take care of her money. People there is also a difference between making a sex video in the privacy of your own home and with someone you love than getting paid to make a video with some random. Stop hating and do you. I only came on here to slam Spencer, he is a loser, why doesn't he just get a job and stop waiting on another reality tv show to pick him and godizzla up. Crazy!!! lol.


Kimmie- you have been served...LMAO


People do NOT hate Kim. People feel sorry for Kim because she is a plastic pathetic porn star who put out a sex tape where she got banged in her ass and pissed on just to become famous. Kim looks completely fake and has paid a very high price for fame that NO respectable woman would pay. There is nothing cute or admirable about a woman who took such a cheap and easy way to fame. And getting pissed on like a dog just confirmed our already low opinion of Kim. Sadly, for as long as she lives, she will never get away from her porn.


and heidi is soo much better im guessing, how about, spencer..you get a life instead of trashing other people, seriously, who the hell are you to judge, your seriously reality tv's biggest asshole, you claim to be proud of that, heidi has so much plastic surgery, im sure if she went tanning, she would seriously melt away..
so go get your little fake ass life together before you mess with someone else's..


lmao! This is funny! haha..i dont really care for spencer but i gotta say, true & funny!

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